Gutterhead - The Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game (Adult Party Game) -

Gutterhead – The Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game (Adult Party Game)

Gutter Games
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Gutterhead is the Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game which combines the classic gameplay of Pictionary with the f***ed-up humour of Cards Against Humanity. #Gutterhead #AdultPartyGame
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Perfect for dinner parties, pre-drinks, Christmas parties, hen parties and any other boozy adult piss-up.

“Incredible” – UNILAD
“Highly Recommended” – Loaded Magazine
“If you LOVE Cards Against Humanity, you’ll DIE over this” – KIIS 1065

Teams compete head-to-head to out-draw and out-guess their opponents: one member from each team draws the fiendishly filthy word while their respective teammates frantically try to guess the word before another team does. The first team to guess correctly wins the round.

Age 18+. 4-16 players. Average play time 30-60 mins. Takes just 90 seconds to learn. All players involved at all times so no twiddling thumbs and scratching balls.

Contains 240 despicable drawing cards, 4 whiteboards & dry-wipe pens, game board, dice and 4 turd shaped playing pieces crafted from the bum hole of a virgin.

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