He Was An Angry Drunk... (Draw My Thing/Online Drawing Game) - pusugames.com

He Was An Angry Drunk… (Draw My Thing/Online Drawing Game)

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  1. That long fade in to hit the 10 minute mark. Genius man

  2. I have a feeling the artist of that song is like "Who the fuck is Kryoz?" from all the comments left on it XD GG everyone!

  3. Ok I may be an idiot but why tf does everyone keep commenting "i love shakira"?

  4. Kryoz needs to go back to school if he couldn't remember the word tadpole for a baby frog

  5. Happy Chan {I'M brOKen. Thanks for asking.} says:

    That 10 minute lenght tho…

  6. He was a angry drunk, she said see u later bitch

  7. Wait.. 2 years ago? Ive been watching Kryoz for 2 years? Nice!

  8. 5:34 Do a google search for ahlgrens bilar candy and tell me they don't look the same.

  9. Sorry the vids short still got that 10 minuet mark tho

  10. Ohmyfucking god this is the original scribblio

  11. lmao its from 2016 but drawings are better than 2019 scribblio from vanosscrew

  12. The title= how i tell the police the story about my dad at the hospital

  13. Watched the nematode episode of spongebob today whilst high. It was a wild ride.

  14. This disclaimer in the beginning didn't age very will

  15. God of Gods Ruler of the fucking earth its self says:

    This was exactly 5 years ago holy shit

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