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Friends in the Video


  1. Never thought Brian would go back to Cup Head 😂

  2. He probably had his hand resting on the screen lol

  3. Someone tell Nogla the tablet doesn't seem to be synced right.

  4. Nogla has to disable the window ink

    This is how I do it

  5. But it was a chicken. Rooster is male and hen is female. Chicken is just the species

  6. …. — — . .-. / … .. — .–. … — -.

  7. i wonder how they reacted when Brian said he use a mouse lol

  8. did he really say thats a rooster not a chicken. omg city boy

  9. Nogla needs a drawing tablet glove so the lines won’t appear

  10. All he needs to do is configure the settings. . .

  11. One must be very precise when lifting their pen off the tablet

  12. 3:12 That hair just straight up reminds me of Josuke from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable

  13. Brian just failed to accept his 2 brain cells

  14. D-Drivers
    You dont know what they need you before you start work

  15. Wait, what videos was panda talking about that he said terrorizer watches?

  16. Brian literally had me at the end I thought this man was using an iPad to draw

  17. Nogla making all those lines was so fkn funny then the additional sound effects made it more funnier

  18. Anime Porn is called Hentai.
    I'm a Degenerate Weeb ; )

  19. Can anyone tell me how did Nogla managed to make those lines?

  20. …. — — . .-. / … .. — .–. … — -.

  21. That’s a bendy telescope 😂😂😂🤣

  22. And then there's me, an artist who actually wants/needs a tablet, andddd I cant afford one lol

  23. What nogla didnt realize is the finger mode that allows touch screen without the pen causes that. Always turn that off

  24. Didnt nogla know that a good drawing tablet can be as cheap as $30?

  25. …. ——— —— . .-. /… .. —— .——. … ——— ——

  26. Just shown my mum the Morse code drawing and the first thing that came out was “would that make it yoda Simpson

  27. The “Ping” was definitely the most funny part of this video. I literally rewinded 15 times just to hear “Ping ping ping ping ping”.

  28. Imagine how frustrating it must be to pay $1000 on something that doesn't work, or breaks after 10 years…

    … I know that pain. It sucks… 😣💻

  29. now these days, a 1000 for a draw pad is nothing compared to the millions Nogla wasted on pokemon cards lol

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