Homer Simpson, My Favorite Animal + Daithi's $1000 Mistake - THE DRAWING GAME - pusugames.com

Homer Simpson, My Favorite Animal + Daithi’s $1000 Mistake – THE DRAWING GAME

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  1. Y’all should do a challenge where y’all draw in one continuous line

  2. Nogla said he bought a $1000 drawing pad but let’s be honest he probably just bought a $20 one

  3. Anthony’s laugh makes me so happy. My own girlfriends laugh doesn’t make this happy. I feel bad for saying that now but Jigglesworth keeps laughing and I can’t feel happier

  4. I got a commercial about shaving pubes before dis

    Wat da fack

  5. Good thing no one is using hal 9000 (a import drawing program for skirbio)

  6. Jiggly in other vid: "What does M&Ms have to do with music? THE FUCKING RAPPER!!!"

    This time: "Who is that?"

  7. 12:34 looks like the super hero captain qwark from rachet and clank lmfao

  8. The deer are trying to get free HBO then

  9. Nogla bought an Apple IPad. $1000 wasted 😀

  10. I need a new drawing tablet….
    Btw is not the tablet that was causing the issue it's the game.

  11. I could relate to Nogla so much when I first try to use my drawing tablet in Skribblio- big mistake folks

  12. Hey, if Nogla doesn't want that tablet anymore after this, could I have it? I've been needing a new one!

  13. Homer at 13:10 looks like a damn Xenomorph with Daddy issues

    Edit: I had to edit because it fucking autocorrected to boner, which is what the said drawing gave me

  14. Somebody should tell Nogla the reason those lines keep appearing like that is because he has his mouse plugged in so when he lets off the pad the cursor snaps back to the mouse while drawing a line. I'm pretty sure he could have fixed that problem by just unplugging his mouse.

  15. noglas problem is that he got the tablet on amazon because buying one normally would give no problems and customer support

  16. OMG! My sides hurt from laughing so hard! Thank you for posting these videos.

  17. He just spends it for web browser game…and i here can only dream to get the digital tablet with a screen…ffs

  18. The tablet is just fine. It's an ID 10 T user problem.

  19. I tried playing this on my phone and I wanted to die

  20. Nogla just needs to turn the sensitivity down.

  21. Instead of calling it THE DRAWING GAME, you should call it THE GAME OF HOMERS

  22. Brian knows he got his WiFi here

  23. Bottom left looks like an airpod homer edition

  24. I swear this game is the only game that jiggle is more giggly than angry, and I love it!

  25. That Nintendo switch is my new wallpaper xD

  26. 5:53 Oh my god, it's Kingseeker Homer, the primordial homerpent!

  27. 1:20 The Choomah is close to climaxing and it's reaching for the box of tissues. That's a strong play right there by the Choomah.

    Choomah climax sound: "WAAAOO!"

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