Homer Simpson, My Favorite Animal + Daithi's $1000 Mistake - THE DRAWING GAME - pusugames.com

Homer Simpson, My Favorite Animal + Daithi’s $1000 Mistake – THE DRAWING GAME

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  1. Nogla should use Microsoft edge, the drawing pad actually works on that

  2. the tablet sure works but it needs to be set up proper xD im an hobbyist Artist and know owo

  3. The homers keep getting funnier with each vid! I watched this twice, plus an extra cpl watches of the spongebob laugh!! That shitt had me crying & wheezing cuz I laughed sooo hard! Best jiggly laugh so far I think 😂😂😂

  4. Hey Panda can I make an intro and outro for you?

  5. Terroriser still hasn't answered Daithi's question of how he draws so good… There's no way he's using a mouse!

  6. for sale: 1 tablet, barely used. will ship from Ireland.

  7. omg that Nintendo switch homer looked like thanos at the start

  8. tablets dont work with the game could have told nogla

  9. If the tablet doesnt work take it back for a refund duh

  10. Did anyone else think Panda had no shirt on when the video started? Or was it just me? 😅

  11. Tablets don't hardly work with the website I should know I own a tablet and tried to draw it on the site it doesn't work at all

    So its Hell to use it on the site

  12. He couldve bought the Intuos Draw instead lmfao. Thing's like $80 – $100

  13. Every single Homer that Vanoss and the gang have drawn from all these videos needs to be made into VRChat avatars

  14. its a drawing tablet so it cant be drawn in a game .-. top tip 😀
    ive tried it then it messed me up .w.


  16. I wonder what a big Jiggly Lobster channel would be like.

  17. you guys aren't even drawing homer anymore your just drawing what would happen if you spilled acid on his head

  18. Next time on Homer's Life, Homer finds himself with Down Syndrome!

  19. I am sure that tablet of Nogla has damage on it cause the line's always go at the same place

  20. Nogla misusing that tablet hurts me

    I have an expensive tablet, how does one fuck up that much? 😂😂 I love him to death but oh my god

    Why spend $1000 when you can get a good one on ebay for like $20 🤔

  21. What did nogla get an iPad pro? Don't bend it

  22. @bigjiglgy, the chin of homer looks like the crimson chin from fairly odd parents

  23. You should stop play with Vanoss… He is childish and toxic

  24. What happens when you buy something and don't read the instructions or experiment with it before playing.

  25. i want the infinite homers on a tshirt

  26. Nogla needs to practice with that tablet. I love how he didn’t even try to practice before the recording session just to make himself seem like even more of an idiot. 😂

  27. …. — — . .-.
    ^By the way, this is morse code for homer

  28. Did nogla think to get the special gloves that make the tablet not recognise the hands? Probably not.

  29. Tell Nogla he can get g special glove to keep his hand from getting in the way cuz tablets can be sensitive. When you’re hand and pen touch the tablet it dose that

  30. I bet my virginity, that Nogla is stupid enough to not install the tablet's drivers.

  31. Ugh I learn a long time ago that art tablets don't work on this game. TT-TT

  32. Alright this homer thing is kinda getting repetitive, not gonna lie

  33. someone make a compilation of all these abstract homers and send it to Matt Groening

  34. An expensive drawing tablet doesn't make you an artist, talent does.

  35. the drawings keep getting more and more surrealist lmao

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