how to download procreate no scam please -

how to download procreate no scam please

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  1. You can't download procrate for android

  2. The video:😊😊😊
    The song:🟥🟥🟥🐼🐼🐼

  3. Procreate is only for ipad and iPhone no other devices 😊
    (Hope this helps)😅

  4. People who thinks she is doing this in apple company and she didn't tell there was procreate , procreate is also called tips

  5. It's only for ipad and iPhone not on android.

  6. So i think your only able to get it on the apple store for iphone users

  7. You sadly can have procreate but ibis paint x is a safe drawing app so i would give that a shot

  8. Procreate doesnt and wont support android but there are very similar apps

  9. Procreate is only for iOS
    Not for android-

  10. You can't download procreate on android, if you have an Apple device you have to but it for $19.99

  11. I sure it scameer idont get it …. but i can get it for Happy mod

  12. i searched it on TCL 10 Tab and it not found. So i think its only for apple

  13. Ребята на самом деле это Скам

  14. I have an iPad so I can download it

  15. You need Apple i think, buat you need to pay

  16. I just found an app that is called: HiPaint. I have not tried it yet so i am not sure if its much like pro create but by the photos that they ppsted on the play store ir looks very much like procreate. Once i try it i will edit my comment and tell you if its like procreate!!

    Edit: You are able to animate and the brushes look like procreate im not sure if its THAT good but it works and looks very much like procreate

  17. My device is an IPad Air and is Apple. Only Procreates are in Apple only, not in Samsung like androids.

  18. Tysm I really needed that and here’s a new subscriber❤

  19. To the people saying shes scamming she is asking how to download it not giving a tutorial, she is saying no scam because she doesnt want anyone to scam her

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