How to draw Game Art in Procreate | Workflow, Tips and Recommendation -

How to draw Game Art in Procreate | Workflow, Tips and Recommendation

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This is a somewhat quick overview of my experience with drawing game art using procreate, what it is good for, the downsides with the program. I’ll cover most features that I personally use, including animation and how I draw my game art. Feel free to ask any question or give tips if you have any!


  1. hey man you dont have to use usb to transfer assets. i also have pc and ipad, you can share pc folder on your wifi (if you have one, if not you can just make a hotspot with your phone and connect pc and ipad to it). and then just connect your ipad to this shared folder and export art and its instantly on your pc. i save it as psd photoshop file and use python script that i wrote to export layers to seperate png files and export it as parallax layers to my tiled map folder. its quite fast now.

  2. when it comes to animation callipeg on ipad is much better and super cheap.

  3. I don’t know if you’d be interested, but even though it’s not a 2d platformer, Banner Saga might be a great one to check out art style wise. Or, if not, just an unedited stream of you working on your game would be great too, to see the whole process 😊

  4. If you're using a game engine that allows for skeletal animation, that's another alternative to frame by frame animation. Then you just have to draw body parts on separate layers and animate them externally. I think Godot has a Skeleton2D node, but you can also use something like Spine for other game engines.

  5. Hey! If you are using procreate and drawing "sharp" art. You should click the bicubic button in the distortion menu until you have nearest selected. Then you can rotate/distort/scale however you want and the image will look crisp!

    Oh wait, you literally just did that after unpausing, well. 😀

  6. The problem with keeping the sizes is that it's only approximate and a point you make on the brush size scale can be 31%, 32%, and 33% which can change the size of the brush dramatically
    Also, for sharing files I save them into iCloud, and then on my windows PC, I have the iCloud app downloaded. This seems like the fastest way to share data (I use iCloud files instead of sharing images, those don't really seem to work for me). I use the older iCloud installation, the newest has problems sharing data between devices and creates a bunch of duplicates. I use the older version which I got from a Reddit link when researching how to get it (Apple has decommissioned it and you can't download it anymore)

  7. Many thanks,man! Your art is amazing. I've started learning python a few days ago and i'm aiming to make a simple game with such art. Your vids really help me!

  8. I love your videos, you bring so much value to the viewer with tons of high quality examples that give and instant "click" in mind on what the concept is all about! I really appreciate it! I just recently got started with game dev and game art and your work on this channel is an infinite help to me!
    Also I have a question, do you know if the functionality you mentioned in 1:001:25 can be found in Krita or Photoshop? It seems really, really useful. I tried to google it out myself, but only found videos and tutorials about smoothing the lines while you draw them

  9. been trying for a long time to do pixel art or any stupid art on my desktop mac and with a mouse it is horrible and I didn''t want to spend money on a drawing pad or what's it called. Thank you for inspiring me to work on my ipad and finally to start making some actual art, even if I'm very bad at it. I went for iArtbook instead of procreate since it is free and it is so nice and easy to send the files over bluetooth and develop my game. You got my subscribe

  10. Hi, I saw your videos many times and it helps lot. I’m a programmer and very week in art so I start learning by watching your video. It would be good if you show us step by step guide about base, mid ,shadow colouring and smudge in pro create. I’m finding very difficult on colouring and blend

  11. Great video! I don't know If you answered this apologies if you did but does canvas size matter and if so what do you use for your assets and player character? Like I don't get how that part works at all importing into a game engine

  12. How big do your make your drawings? Everything looks huge when I export to godot

  13. If you change your warp/resize settings from Bicubic to bilinear it helps with the destructive editing!

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