How to draw isometric tree for games -

How to draw isometric tree for games

Alex Green
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Drawing process of isometric tree for games

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  1. This isn't a "How to draw". It's a watch my speed paint clip. Fucking waste of time.

  2. Hey bro mind if I do a voice over tutorial on a tree in this style, will credit the general style to you 🙂

  3. Uploading the tree video now, hope it brings you some growth on Youtube, been looking at your work on other sites, it's absolutely amazing and definitely recommend you put more on YouTube, sure people would love to see more 🙂

  4. Awesome video! I have just been getting into this kind of stuff and I love it. Between you got yourself a new subscriber as well. Hopefully you doing this will get you a lot of growth because you defiantly deserve it.

  5. 7s who you rotate img? and not rotate all?

  6. Hi! Thank you for the tutorial, i was very interested how that cute little surrounding in mobile games was drawn! I'd like to know are you working somewhere? And if you've created some games i'd like to see them if it's possible.

  7. 9s : whats did you do? Who do you "lay down" the square like this?

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