How To Draw Squid Game | Player 456 Seong Gi-hun -

How To Draw Squid Game | Player 456 Seong Gi-hun

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Learn how to draw Player 456 Seong Gi-hun from Squid Game with Cartooning Club How To Draw. I’ll teach you the simple method of drawing using easy to follow step by step instructions. If you need ideas on what to draw then SUBSCRIBE for more drawing tutorials like this every single day! Drop a request in the comments below to get it added to our list.

Check out my Squid Game Playlist below for more of your favourite characters.

How To Squid Game

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  1. You are 100x better than draw so cute and art for kids hub

  2. Please draw any of the squid game characters in sketch zaturday

  3. Can you do a sketch video for the guard pls? Thx ☺️

  4. Putting this on a children’s you tube channel is absolutely disgusting and shows you don’t care about the kids it’s all about views for you. Coming from a mother who son loves your drawing channel! Absolutely disgusting why can’t you draw something hocus pocus or Halloween related for KIDS

  5. I'm drawing this for my mom who watches squid game. Thank You so very much! I hope I can be as good as you some day.

  6. can you please do a tutorial for 199 (Ali)

  7. Which colours do you use for colouring plss tell

  8. Do the other characters like ali and sang woo

  9. Ur drawings are so clean, I like ur drawings😸, u deserve a million likes…

  10. Can you do 212 han mi-nyeo plzzz from squid game

  11. Hi, I'm Adrian from Hong Kong. I suggest you should make some ROBLOX drawings like builderman, Preston, Flamingo and more famous Roblox YouTubers avatar. Thank you for using your time to read this message.

    Btw, I hope you can also add more squid game players such as Player 001 or the VIPs.

  12. Bah yaar tumahri har ek drawing banai hai

  13. μην σε νοιαζει πως με λενε says:

    nice video

  14. zo bo blader dont copy this channel name says:

    Do you mind drawing ILL-NAM next

  15. Plss you can draw kang sae-byeok
    😯 you so pro draw this character 😘

  16. Can you draw Kamen rider

  17. you can draw player 456 in pencil shading please

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