How to Make a Game - Drawing with LineRenderer in Unity3D -

How to Make a Game – Drawing with LineRenderer in Unity3D

Jason Weimann
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Learn how to use a linerender in unity to create a simple drag indicator.

This is an extension for my Unity 2020 Beginner video –

0:00 – Intro & Setup
5:11 – Transparent Cutout Material Creation
10:13 – Writing Code – LineRenderer.SetPosition
14:53 – Public properties in c# (with private setter)
19:50 – Multi-level support with prefabs
26:28 – Material Render Queue / Order

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  1. Hi mr Jason I am still on here really hoping to hear from you soon

  2. I thought you were using Rider — what made you switch back to Visual Studio, or are you just keeping all of your tools sharp?

  3. does draw gizmos have a max of 20 lines it will draw?.. i have a project with patrols over 20 points and it doesn't seem to draw those lines that would be drawn over point 19

  4. I noticed you disable line renderer every frame.
    Does it mean that i wasted time working on ways to only turn objects on/off once by creating extra methods?
    I'm still new to programming and i worried it's possibly bad.

  5. Great video! Thanks a lot for the healthy tips.

  6. Godot the lenged of making beginner devs dream come to life

  7. I've actually used line renderer on my enemies and NPC's to setup my Enemy and NPC A.I. to make sure that I could see the areas for alert and attack
    while testing to make sure all aspects of the A.I. can be tested before pushing to master

  8. Jason please make a tutorial on enemy ai from call of duty or far cry games please

  9. Great addition!

    Would definitely like to see the ShouldDieFromCollision expanded on — need additional Ways To Die.

    Watching a monster fall from 8 crates high, flipping and rolling and not dying because it wasn't touched on its head is silly.

    Add a few building assets or allow crates to be destroyed.
    Explosions which can destroy crates, or alter or destroy building materials which make for additional Monsters deaths.

    Definitely additional ways to die!

    A short lecture on collision.contacts[x].normal and how to implement additional ways to die.

  10. I like every video that has timemap on it. I don't want see what i already know. other Youtubers should learn from u about using youtube features .

  11. How to make 3d character wave ine renderer

  12. Been feasting on your videos for quiet sometime. I recently ran into something that stomped me pretty good and wonder if you either had a video on, or could make one on… Converting projects for android/ios from mono to il2cpp code. How to stop code stripping and linking files and preserve tags and such? Just a thought to save some poor souls, like myself.

  13. That was a great tutorial. I wasn't even wanting to do this, or even looking at Unity stuff tonight, but clicked because I was curious about LineRenderer. Thanks for posting. Just to clarify though, the line didn't appear in Level 2 initially because it was being rendered behind the background image? Is that why you had to set the z value to -0.1f, because that brought it a tiny bit forward?

  14. Really cool LineRenderer tutorial Jason! 👊🤓

  15. i have requested please i have more than month i try to add mobile control to The Explorer: 3D Game Kit

    but never success. can you make it

  16. Please read full comment🙂🙂
    Please make a discord server so we can ask question easily☺️😊☺️☺️😊☺️
    Give link in your next video

  17. can you please make a tutorial about how to make a dialogue interaction with a npc

    hey bro can explain how this thing we can achieve in unity
    sound effect as per our around environment
    If we are in room thn our gun sounds will be different nd if we are outside so our gun sounds will be different

  19. Hey Jason I have a question I want to get into game development and I am wondering how do I look for colleges

  20. Great video. Thanks.
    Love the Line extension from the bird

  21. Great Fun. How about some sound effects and making the player get attacked by the green bird? A scoring system perhaps of birds killed persistent across levels and high score before you died. Other ways for monsters to die? Use the Green bird animations flying around perhaps?

  22. only getting one dot, not multiple on line render. is there an attribute I could have missed? i switched it to tile and the dot looks fine, but there's only one.

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  24. looking at the thumbnail i thought jordan peterson was gonna teach me some line renderer

  25. Can you please do a unity tutorial on a 2D platformer

  26. Hi, I am having real trouble getting this working on other or multiple Birds?

  27. I keep having this trouble that I can't move the line (manualy), how come?

  28. Also, I didn't have the bool _resetting; in my script all though I followed everything? What's this for??

  29. Having an issue where my Line Renderer doesn't appear in play mode? Shows up just fine in Scene mode, even in a fresh project. I am, for the moment, drawing on a UI Canvas, is there a different tool I should be using to draw a line on that?

  30. You are so like Negan from the walking dead.

  31. I have 3 birds per level and the line only renders from one each level and not the other 2?
    Adding a score to the game would be great and a way to end the game or go back to the start.
    Saving high scores would be great too.

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