how to play “FLAME” #shorts -

how to play “FLAME” #shorts

Katie Feeney
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this game is so fun! let me know if you try it! please subscribe

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  2. What do u do if ur name has no similar letters???

  3. We play flame at school but the letter "a" means apart

  4. Omg thanks I did a whole page of this game I added my friends in ti and it was so fun

  5. I literally use my best friend Makenna And it landed on Marry

  6. Wow, i didn't knew there ws an English version of this. I used to play that same game like on middle school, i used to call it "OTARE"
    (i speak panish btw)

  7. I did this game but except with my best friend, and I got enemy 💀

  8. I did the game that you sold with my bestest friend and I got love

  9. I did this with my crush with his name and I got enemy😭😢🥺

  10. It’s crazy how me and my crush got marry

  11. Gurl its flames not flame
    F – Friends
    L – Lovers
    A – Affair (affection is fr kids)
    M – Marry
    E – Enemy
    S – S3x (siblings is fr kids)

  12. I jokingly did me and nobody and got marry 🥲

  13. I tried it and I got,AFFECTION❤❤❤❤😮😮😮😮

  14. i tried it with my crush and i got marry

  15. My friend introduced me to this game. I did it with the boy I liked and we became lovers. It made me really happy.

  16. You cheated.. after cutting A you have to calculate from M not from L

  17. I tried it with My and My crush’s name and it got Love 🤧🤚

  18. I did it with my and my crush and it said love🤫🧏🏽‍♀️

  19. Who is watching this after their break up😭😭😭😭

  20. I didn't like my crush name and it land on love😊

  21. Did anyone realize that they only had four letters in common

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