How to Sketch Game Assets -

How to Sketch Game Assets

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  2. Thanks but can this be also possible for isometric art?

  3. Great videos and tips! Thank you very much it helps a lot!

  4. another great vid! about tablets for those looking into the cheaper range i started out on a cheap Genius tablet and it was still a lot better than mouse. Today for most my work i use an old Intuos 3 but a few weeks ago i was looking for a laptop secondary one and i also considered first a bamboo but seeing the prices and not being impressed by the quality i got a cheap Huion H610 at maybe a third the price, pretty big (too big for what i wanted even), seems pretty well made. My only complaint for non wacom tablets is that I have yet to see one that implements mouse mode which is to me very important.

  5. Amazing tutorial that helps a lot. I do not have PS, can you give me some advices on how to choose a brush for sketching? The one you used feels like the one I saw in a Flash drawing tutorial, which looks quite clean. I cannot find one like that in both Sketchbook and Pixelmator :/

  6. I loved your tutorial. Well explained, with lots of important details, yet reasonable short. I am a beginner in both PS and hand drawing and I find that freehand inking works great for me (after couple of hours of practicing). Are there any particular situations where you recommend using the Pen tool for inking?
    We want more tutorials!

  7. Wow fantastic tutorial thanks for the help !!!

  8. I was just wondering if you have any recommendations for people who have to draw with mouse? I have been trying to but it is very tricky and I am one man team, so I don't have an artist to do all the drawings.

    Either way, great video really helpful, I am not much on an artist, but I do my best to get by.

  9. Greetings, can you explain to me your wand selection and expanding technique you used in the video at around 5:20. Also you mentioned a shortcut you used for this, maybe you can show me the shortcut you used too?

  10. I didn't know about the warming up thing!! thank you for the advice !!

  11. Hi there, would you recommend vector graphics for game to allow for resolution changes?

  12. thx for the tutorial and the subtitles(no native english), i learnt a lot

  13. OH MY GOOOD. In all my years of using photoshop, I never knew about the Alt+Del shortcut. THAT SAVES SO MUCH TIME!!!!!

  14. Hello, I was wondering what tips you have for creating/drawing characters that need animations such as walking, running, standing animations. I feel for some reason that it is a bit tedious to just draw out all the frames. Is this the only way of doing it or do you have any tools or tricks you use for doing these. Thank you.

  15. Hey fantastic job really enjoy how this turned out finally 🙂
    Keep going and make art 😀

    Greetings from a fellow YouTube Artist 😉

  16. I know you said that you use a standard circular hard brush, but your ends on the line thin out into a point while mine do not. I would like to know how to get that effect

  17. can you tell me what program u use to draw plz?

  18. Can you share the brushes used for sketching and inking? I am having a hard time picking out good brush sets for game asset creation

  19. thx, this is a good lesson to start from.

  20. when doing assets like this for a android game how do you know the right size to make the sprite and or tilesets to match?

  21. Those drawing pads are great. I use a Microsoft surface for making assets. It's great to have.

  22. Hello very good channel … I liked that you switch to Linux … how do you manage, to connect the Wacom with Linux or have any issues that you solve?? thank you!! what you said about the muscles warming is mind blowing , I see some tutorials and some courses , no one mention this, and this is very logical !!

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