How to WHITEN TEETH in PROCREATE #Shorts - Quick Procreate Tutorial -

How to WHITEN TEETH in PROCREATE #Shorts – Quick Procreate Tutorial

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Procreate Short Tutorial!
In this short video I will show you how you can easily whiten teeth in Procreate.

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In this short Procreate tutorial we’ll do the following to whiten teeth
✔ I’d recommend duplicating your layer first, just to have a back up
✔ Go to the Actions menu then to Hue, Saturation, Brightness
✔ Set it to Pencil and pick a brush like the Medium Brush under Airbrushing
✔ Set the Hue to something around 43%
✔ Set the Saturation to something around 23%
✔ Paint over the teeth and… tadaaa! White teeth!

Now you’ll never wonder how to whiten teeth in Procreate again!

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  1. “Painting over them isn’t the best idea” proceeds to tell you to paint over them 💀

  2. I’m sorry, I’m new to procreate and I can’t find the magic wand (I’m on phone) so if anyone could help that would be great <33

  3. Me as a kid watching this: getting a white pen and colouring my teeth…

  4. It’s so easy to do on ibis paint all you need to do is trace around then you gonna race and choose a color

  5. "How to make ur teeth white"


  6. I looked everywhere but could not find the option for the pencil👎🏻

  7. I tried it and it didn’t work! It’s fake tho.

  8. There is a much easier way and a permanent one is called brushing ur teeth (:

  9. First of all why she have yellow teeth in the first place?

  10. whats the full name of this app???

  11. I have a iPhone I do procreate on so I can't do it on my phone

  12. More effective step – Brush 🪥 Your Teeth 😁 Daily

  13. Not me thinking this was a ad💀💀💀

  14. So the signs on the dentist advertisements were fake?

  15. Not brush your teeth 😌😌😌
    Just use procreate to whitening your teeth

  16. Her: don't paint over the teeth
    Her 4 seconds after: then you as a brush to paint-💀

  17. POV: u don’t wanna brush ur teeth :

  18. Here’s a better hack:

    Go to your bathroom
    Grab the toothbrush
    Grab the toothpaste
    Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush
    Brush the toothbrush on your teeth

    BOOM! Your teeth are white!

  19. Теперь понятно, почему у всех в рекламах такие хорошие белые зубы

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