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I Became an “ARTIST” ONCE AGAIN – Passpartout 2 (Funny Art Game)

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The best artist of all time makes a comeback with you guys suggesting me what to draw. The suggestions were great and I enjoyed quite a lot doing this kind of a video again. Let me know what you think in the comments, Shoud I do these more?

Passpartout Part 1 ▶
Would You Rather (Choices Game) ▶
Will You Press the Button? ▶
Finding Myself on Akinator ▶

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  1. Who are watching this in 2024


  2. The seenry was so beautiful realy bro good 🎉🎉🎉🎉😂

  3. 6:30 Bhai konsa model hai apkay mei say green nikal ta hai 🌚🌚

  4. Son: Mom i want to watch DBZ because i like vegeta
    VEGETA AT HOME : 16:23

  5. When BBS made Vegita i thought that vegita is stinking like he didnt get a shower a while

  6. 15:4 Bhai konsi aakh circle raheta hain

  7. Bhai kabhi ye series bhi continue krliya kr yr bich me shod deta hai tu sachme tujhe unsubcribe krna pdega apni mrji krta rehta hai tu

  8. Bhaiya apne Jo face naam wala banae Hain vah tatti ke tarah laga rahe te jabe apne usko colour nahi kiye tha

  9. Hello threre!
    You are a great youtuber, I love your videos.

  10. Artist Not Harmed In This Video 😂😂

  11. Who is watching in 2103 and bbs got married and i have a pic for twp love bbs.

  12. How many balaks watching this video again in 2024? 🫡

  13. Who thinks bbs is real goat of Indian gaming

  14. Bhaiya aap please internet se dekh kar hi banaya Karo PLEASE??

  15. I sm from 2026 an i am this famous YouTuber' ACE YONKO '😁

  16. Who is watching in 2024

    If u make another video of this game then

    U will draw alya from

    Alya hides her feelings in Russian

    Ok shubu

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