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I Made A Game About Drawing

Magic The Noah
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  1. Pretty sure that was just Simon from the Yogscast.

  2. I fuckin love how even as Noah is using the detector against him he still keeps confirming it's WIDE array of features. lol

  3. they all rlly wasted their last draw in giving the dragon gifts

  4. 🎵Grab that block of ice
    Lift it over your head
    Turn around then
    Throw it in the ocean
    Snap back
    Eyes straight
    Ready your paws
    Here comes another cold one🎵

  5. The Mimic Detector is more iconic than Aiden Pierce's cap

  6. I think you could just go ahead and replace word Chaos for Mimic detecter straight in the dictionary at this point…

  7. After shadow punch. I thought shadow punch heals. Light punch def does dmg. But I frogot I am watching children play without a care for strategy

  8. cool video idea: make a rpg game about drawing the weapons you obtain like example: Louis gets a powerful spear then louis will draw that spear

  9. Of all of these silly videos about silly games on your channel, this was easily the best one I watched.

  10. "It kills the mimic- kills gunkle oops my bad revives gunkle "

  11. Suggestion.
    Try this again, but have the Drawfee team as the players.
    It’s so something that they would do and enjoy

  12. he was wrong, never watched an ad

  13. the mimic-detector… THE ALL FATHER OF TECHNOLOGY!

  14. If I was up there, I would have simply drawn an Infinity Gauntlet filled with Infinity Stones and just snap to kill the dragon 😂

  15. pls make another round like this, this waS AMAZING <3

  16. These videos are equal parts hilarious and frustrating, because on one hand the DM is obviously cheating 100%, but on the other hand everyone has this "fuck around and find out" attitude and is just doing dumb shit to have fun so they really don't care. XD

  17. The dragon living his best life🤣🤣

  18. How do you get ms paint to fill in everything? Every time I use the fill tool there’s like a white outline on the edges

  19. This would be so much better if someone who couldn’t hear them had to guess what they draw and if they guessed wrong the player has to improvise with what they guessed

  20. This is like scribble Naughts leveled up

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