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iPad 9 Unboxing: Multitasking, Gaming, Drawing Tests!

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The iPad 9 is the budget or entry level iPad, sure, but as I mention in this video I feel like it’s sort of a wolf in sheeps clothing… meaning: it’s more of a powerhouse than people assume.

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  1. Is he showing us the ipad 8th gen coz the 9th doesn't have that black bar at the top in the back

  2. Usb worst and slow charging
    Lighting 2nd best apple charge port
    1st best usb -C best charging overall and very fast

  3. We almost bought the ipad 8th gen. good thing we waited for a year.

  4. Apple should update the Smart Keyboard to include a trackpad.

  5. I am confused between ipad9 and me pad5 For long-term use ؟

  6. This man makes proper reviews and covers everything

  7. how does the speaker and screen fares to iPad mini 5?

  8. This Ipad reminds me of my old ipad 2 when looking at the silver color, rip ipad 2, you are always loved

  9. You don't have to have THAT keyboard, I have a logitech keyboard with immaculate trackpad built in and that's on my 8th gen iPad but also works on my 2017 10.5 inch iPad pro.

  10. i cant wait for apple to do this to the old 12.9 ipad, i would get one of those.

  11. How about the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad?

  12. New subsciber here! Kudos to you! Great job on reviews and best of all your backdrop is soo cool. You speak eloquently. Perfect iPad endorser.

  13. I would honestly get an android for a phone and an iPad for mobile gaming it's just better that way😌

  14. You haven’t shown multitasking

  15. It is true that pencil will 100% stop working if it is not charge? Like the tablet will not react to the pencil touch?

  16. I want to buy my first iPad but I'm not sure which one to invest. Which is the best option (iPad 8 128GB or iPad 9 64GB)? My use is for studies and I'm in doubt because of memory. Can someone help me?

  17. I like your honesty of saying unbiased but we all have biases because that is really true

  18. i want to pick iPad 9 but why its not compatible with $99 new magic keyboard ? although ipad 8 was compatible with same magic keyboard.

  19. I just ordered the 9th. I am glad it works with my Apple phone equipment. I have enough wires!

  20. It’s worth noting that this is the older design with a new black bezel silver back combo.

  21. What's wrong with looking old? I kind of like it.

  22. In the UK retailers are selling the iPad 8th gen 32GB for £299 but the iPad 9th gen 64 is going for £319 so it seems like a no brainer for the storage even if you don't take into account the newer chip and upgraded front facing camera.

    Let's face it, taking outdoor photos with a tablet is embarrassing so the rear camera isn't essential 📸😂

  23. the deal breaker for this product for me is it doesn't support 2nd gen apple pencil

  24. Can ipad 2019 draw on flipaclip with multiple layer?

  25. Now I’m using 9th gen for a month now and it is just amazing with Logitech combo touch keyboard

  26. I want an Ipad that will help me do note taking does the apple generation pencil work with this ipad?

  27. The best I pad.the only annoying feature is the pencil.the charging does not last long.while charging the pencil tends to. Get snapped

  28. In march I’m getting the iPad 9th Gen sliver 256GB

  29. I love it when my lenses get megapixels, i wish i could get megapixels on my gorilla glass too while I'm at it

  30. I'm still rocking the 2012 ipad, the first one with lightning connector, so I can't wait to get this upgrade.

  31. If we have mouse for the keyboard wiill it work?

  32. Considering there's an explosion of cheaper android tablets with better features in the market today, there's really a need for Apple to come up with early upgrades in 2022. Or else the lock Apple holds its users in its so-called ecosystem breaks and becomes a myth.

  33. I’d love to see more 3rd party accessories in your in depth review. Example, I bought the Logitech combo case for my Ipad 9 and I greatly prefer it to the apple option. It was on sale at Best Buy for $129 at the time of this comment and it is much more comparable to the magic keyboard than the one in this video. Has a keyboard, trackpad, stand, and protects the Ipad even when detached from the smart connector keyboard. All at half the price on a magic keyboard. I’d love to know what other accessories are out there for the Ipad and 1st gen Apple Pencil that you may find.

  34. is this ipad acc compatible with ipad pro 10.5 inch 2017?

  35. Can you give that…..i can't able to afford it…….I hope you read that comment.

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