Jihi's NEW Drawing Game Made Squirrel CRY! 😂 | Gartic Phone (ft. Cartoonz, My Wife, & More) - pusugames.com

Jihi’s NEW Drawing Game Made Squirrel CRY! 😂 | Gartic Phone (ft. Cartoonz, My Wife, & More)

Bryce Games – Bryce McQuaid
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Today we played the funniest drawing game of all time! Come see us CRY LAUGHING as Jihi, Cartoonz, Bryce, & More try Gartic Phone!
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  1. Watched the livestream of this game 😅Love ria's voice. 😀
    So feminine and I didn't expect she's capable of such prompts and such descriptions of the drawings hahahaha!!

  2. I just have to mention how amazing the video editing has been lately

  3. I could seriously watch you guys play this forever, nothing makes sense and I love it🤣

  4. This game is sooo funny and looks so fun to play

  5. I remember seeing the stream and I was laughing so hard at how your prompts slowly changed into something catastrophic

  6. Rilla was really trying to keep things wholesome lol

  7. A Seagull enjoy a weiner, that one tho lmao also great guess on Kyle

  8. Bryce…what is your problem with ears? You’re animals never have any ears?!? 🤦‍♀️😂

  9. This game give y'all good content XD

  10. Hi bryce hope your having a great day!!!☺️

  11. Whoo-hoo! Another Gartic Phone video! Time to roast, I mean draw a story with your friends.

  12. Sooooo…… has anyone apologised to squirrel yet??? 🤔😹

  13. This was absolutely too funny this might be funnier than the last one even🤩

  14. Just laughing so hard i love this game 😂😂😂

  15. <==Team Jihi… she's the best of the lot.

  16. Squirrel always gets the bad end of the drawing 🤣🤣

  17. Could someone tell me why it won’t let me turn on notifications for Bryce’s videos?

  18. This series is awesome and I can't wait to see more.

  19. Not gonna lie! Jihi is a very good artist!

  20. Jihi Chan was made for this game I love her drawings

  21. Bryce never drawing ears on animals is not the storyline I expected from this game lol! You guys are so funny, both videos had me laughing out loud!

    Also the editing in this video was amazing!

  22. Part of me feels bad for Squirrel but the other part can't help but laugh

  23. My favorite drawing is the picture you drew of Squirrel tanning himself under the sun at the beach.

  24. I love how every time you draw an animal you never give it ears😂😂

  25. We gotta protect Rilla and his circle tool

  26. Does Jihi have a YouTube or a twitch? I need to know dis

  27. Bryce, I watched everyone's videos. For the love of everything, I need you to understand animals have ears.

    Do you get that? Draw ears.

  28. Never laughed so hard watching you guys play this game, MORE PLEASE‼️

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