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LJN Video Art – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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For the twelfth and final day of his Christmas, the Nerd wonders what use there is to make art with LJN Video Art, and recalls some of the better art games made in the past including Mario Paint.
This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 131


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  1. That squeaking going through my car speakers was an experience.

  2. 6:22
    Isn’t that the music that they would use in both Mario maker 1 + 2?

  3. There’s no way you were supposed to hold the controller like that. I am 90% sure the intended way was to hold it like a pen. Though I’m sure it wouldn’t have helped much 😅

  4. How was this EIGHT YEARS AGO?!

    I watched these when I was 15 and not in the best of health.

  5. The nerd must really hate pride month
    Not because he's homophobic, not at all
    He just gets ptsd because of the LJN rainbow

  6. Who else discovered witchfinder general from this?

  7. What episode number is this? Description says 131, but there’s the hyper scan (?) Video whose description also says 131.

  8. The second I heard the joystick squeak, I knew it’d drive him crazy.

  9. It’s mad that I look at these episodes as the new ones yet they’re almost 10 years old now.

  10. guess what, back to the future 2 lied to us

  11. jesus christ i remember this coming out and watching it day of, now youtube is telling me this video is 8 years old

  12. Wait there's not even any games on a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE?

  13. I actually got one of these for Christmas, I must have been four or five years old. I remember using it once, then never again. I hope my mom didn't spend too much on it 😕

  14. "These are the Devil's pitchforks" 😂

  15. The cartoon comedy funny slapstick wacky goofy animation skedaddle skiddle

  16. James thank you for making these videos. When I have a bad day I watch them and they always cheer me up. All the best for you and your family

  17. I seriously wonder if you could get Doom running on LJN Video Art

  18. This is how funny “We have Mario Paint at home” looked like. Duh.

  19. Getting near the end of Christmas and im slowly watching some of the holiday specials

  20. Weird fact this was the second video of that has gameplay of this system

  21. 6:22 they kept this beat for the one where you make your own levels.

  22. Actually, if wacom made tablets with a physical color slider that would be very neat.

  23. Get ready for self lacing shoes, hoverboards and flying cars

    At least we got one of them

  24. On December 23rd this video is gonna be 10 years old

  25. Back here to one of your great videos again

  26. "[Mario Paint] isn't a very useful program", unless you want to invent Homestar Runner of course

  27. This is episode 133, not 131 as the description says.

  28. 🌈LJN🕹️🤏Run👓Nerd Run It’s Torture Here 🌈LJN🕹️Nintendo Clone I agonizing Playing😱❤️‍🔥👏🤣😂

  29. So I’m guessing this was last LJN related product he reviewed, he hasn’t touched on them since

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