My Fans Told Me What To Draw In This Car Drawing Game -

My Fans Told Me What To Draw In This Car Drawing Game

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Welcome back to Car Drawing Game! the game where you must complete physics challenges and puzzles by literally drawing the shape of your car from scratch. This time I decided to ask my community what I should draw, without even telling them it was to complete challenges in this game. These were the results…

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  1. Does anyone else think that the Lamborghini looks like a shoe?

  2. Urself looks more like potato man more then u

  3. i went from watching sml to this and the intro music threw me off for a sec xD

  4. the Lamborghini looks like a shoe

  5. MM: build an ai boxing bot and a manual one so you can fight alone or with freinds

  6. I don't think his Lamborghini was good enough… the spoiler was totally wrong… it's not supposed to give upforce… lol

  7. Nice you picked my lamborghini idea and it worked

  8. Search it at google so you can know its dising

  9. You should draw you in the next video

  10. Scrapman don't you know the cake is a lie?

  11. I only left a like cause that lamborghini atcually made it threw

  12. Your Lamborghini looked like a shoe 👞😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. dual very very very very very very skinny cat

  14. Scrap man:you tell me what lambo
    Me:the jumping toaster

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