My Fans Told Me What To Draw In This Car Drawing Game -

My Fans Told Me What To Draw In This Car Drawing Game

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Welcome back to Car Drawing Game! the game where you must complete physics challenges and puzzles by literally drawing the shape of your car from scratch. This time I decided to ask my community what I should draw, without even telling them it was to complete challenges in this game. These were the results…

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  1. hey your drawings are nice, i would not be able to draw as good, good job! 😀

  2. Needs to draw chicken: draws a messed up f*cking duck

  3. May god bless you with more ideas you are really out of em.

  4. Uuuuhhhh whats that game and can you play that game on mobile?

  5. Just me or did the Lamborghini look like a shoe

  6. Scrapman describes a Lamborghini: It's just like kinda short and long…

  7. selfportrait looks like shrek get out of mee swamp

  8. Can you do some thing where you show us your whole self in a video?

  9. Scrapman the other month i was playing challenge more and the game glitched and I was able to use the lift and it said I don't have enough parts for stuff so I think I saw to feutre in scrap mechanic

  10. YOU NEVER USE MY THING ); say rip in commints for me

  11. Could you make a trailmakers space shuttle with rocket launch, detatched and land, then land shuttle…

  12. am I the only one who thought when he drew himself it looked like Walter white from breaking bad

  13. Scrapman you are the best I clicked the like button on the other videos/ keep making videos I believe in you because you are the best

  14. scrapman, your "lambo" looks like a shoe.

    by the way, it WAS capable of "amazing" feets.

  15. The Lamborghini kinda looked like a some nikes

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