MY REAL EYEBALL 😳 #shorts -


Jarrett Stod
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  1. Why you should wear a pirate patch😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  2. can i see your rainbow eyeball plz🥺

  3. You can put your real eye in eye


  4. Bruh its eye figure that's spike a my eye

  5. People he said it’s not his real eye

  6. Im small scared
    But this is fake😂😂😂😂😂

  7. if you don't mind me asking which is your least least least favourite eyball

  8. So that was your eye? Or is it just a simulation

  9. ˚∧_∧  + —̳͟͞͞💗
    ( •‿• )つ —̳͟͞͞ 💗 —̳͟͞͞💗 +
    (つ  < —̳͟͞͞💗
    |  _つ + —̳͟͞͞💗 —̳͟͞͞💗 ˚
    Made by #FacemojiAI

  10. Imagine having a brand of a disability

  11. well that’s one reason to wear an eyepatch

  12. You dont have your real eyeball
    Your eyeball had cancer in it so you took it out

  13. Bro really popped out his eyeball and lost it

  14. Team he had a fake one on whole time so no one could see his right eye

  15. Dude did your real eye popped out of you it’s so real did you lose your eye?!

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