NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art Challenge -

NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art Challenge

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Playing a game today, I ask Pinterest what I should draw. And then i draw it. this should be interesting!

Canson XL Watercolor Paper:
Bic Mechanical Pencils 0.7:
White Nights Watercolor:


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  1. *watches Waffles draw so pretty and orginized.*
    Me:I wanna draw..
    Me:Trys to draw a person
    *Throws sketchbook across room*
    *Goes back to watching Waffles*

  2. I actually thought that three was gonna be a boy in the beginning and then Bam! She puts flowers in a messy bun for him. She takes creativity to another level

  3. Waffles: it kind of brings me joy
    If it brings you joy then WHAT do you call this ‘hehe’ that’s all you do! Is laugh!

  4. Raine is actually written Reine and you say it more like "Ren" than "Reign"

  5. I thought the 2and drawing was a man's drawing 😅😆🤔🤔

  6. When she said butt my bro said wtf r u watching

  7. why did u make the male a female????? u should've searched boy outfits and boy hair

  8. 𝑨𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍𝒔 𝑭𝒐𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 says:

    Let's test! Looking funny.

  9. Poop leg omg it was my sleeping time and in was not suppose to be on YouTube but I laughed so hard I woke my parents up oops heads up got grounded

  10. Not the ppl being confused abt the guys gender bc he has a feminine hairstyle 😃😃 LORDD plz ppl can wear whatever the f they want and it doesn't determine gender bc gender is a ✨social construct✨

  11. 16:46 "Raine wich is French for queen" *offusqed french noises" it's rEine !!! X)

  12. You inspire me so much!! Love your art 🙂

  13. Character no. where's the pencil
    Good job waffles 😂

  14. i thought the third chacter was a boy

  15. When you added pretty curly hair to the second one
    Me: what kind of a boy hair is that
    The video: it's a girl
    Me: oh

  16. I love this video!!! You should do something like this again

  17. ngl i like ur vids but when u said "i forgot how many white girls there are on Pinterest" i was like wth

  18. Да красиво. Я тоже люблю рисовать кому интересно приходите на мой канал: София и Евгения.

  19. I like how she does not type in like pants for men

  20. I feel like raine and adalia are best siblings- like adalia likes to put flowers in raine's hair and hes a drama queen- [more like king] AND HE CAN ROAST YOU LIKE A TOTAL ROYAL- istg I feel like there humor would be talking like there kings and queens, and they use am accent too! "Shall we dine together, dear adalia?" "We shall, my dear Raine"

  21. What mechanical pencil do u use to draw ✍🏻 with 😶

  22. Rain looks like a boy but they bought look pretty kool

  23. Number one is what I though if look like when I was younger and number 2 is how I look now

  24. I looked at the title and just burst into the no control song by one direction 😂

  25. These characters are so white it’s halarious.

  26. Ur art is so good. I'm well, horrible at it.

  27. Adilia is kinda like one of those softies you’ll see at elementary school lmao

  28. i can't be the only one who thought drawing 1 was a girl and 2 was a guy?!?!

  29. Adalia-Noble one

    So Basically they are both Royals bye😂❤️

  30. You can Tell she’s never seen huaraches in person😂😂

  31. You should’ve did the first one a girl & the second one a boy

  32. The absurd doll broadly apologise because prose spectacularly branch as a skinny milk. fascinated, wandering rod

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