Numpty Physics - A addictive drawing puzzle game with awesome physics -

Numpty Physics – A addictive drawing puzzle game with awesome physics

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This is a video Gameplay that i did from the addictive and cool Numpty Physics, a Free and Open Source drawing puzzle game with awesome physics.
The game doesn’t have sounds or soundtracks.

Game licence: GPL


  1. I love this so much on my Nokia N800 with Maemo Linux-(Diablo 2008). Hahaha great to see it again.

  2. my pc says the file is unrecognizeable what do i do?

  3. the extension is .deb
    but what do u mean operating system like hp? macintosh?etc?

  4. oh srry
    i have Microsoft Windows
    can i install it for this cuz i cant find the right exe.
    did u make this game?

  5. Cool! It is also available for Windows Mobile, but on my HTC Touch Cruise it didn;t work badly 🙁

  6. hey….uh how do you remove stuff without restarting?

  7. it works on my n810.
    but I don't know how to make objects disappear 🙁

  8. These Physics games are really good, if you enjoyed this m8, you should check out a game called "Crayon Physics Deluxe" very similar, some different stuff. Or Detonate. Build structures and destroy them, lol. Thanks for the vid and the info!

  9. it works really good in my n900! n d game is kinda tricky.

  10. i didnt know how to start the game.. so i`ve searched for a video .. 😀 loll thanks

  11. You can just drag the ball to the star or drag the star to the ball by right clicking it

  12. Can you get this on an ipod touch?? That would be cool 🙂

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