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Osmo Masterpiece Drawing Game for Kids | Play Osmo

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Introducing Masterpiece, an Osmo app that will allow you to supercharge your drawing skills! Pick any image from the camera, curated gallery, or integrated web search, and Masterpiece will transform it into easy-to-follow lines and help you draw it to perfection. Get Masterpiece here:

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You can then share a magical time-lapse video of your creation with your friends and family!


Update: Osmo Masterpiece is a game that is included in our Genius Starter Kit, Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night, Creative Starter Kit, and Explorer Starter Kit.

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  1. I read comments/complaints about tracing. I asked several veteran art teachers their thoughts on the app. This was the response I received: 

    Builds fine motor skills.
    Helps develop stamina for doing tasks that are longer and require more attention
    Builds fine motor muscle strength.
    Teaches students to pay closer attention to details of art such as thick and thin lines, shape, shading, shadows, composition, size. All of which are some of the elements and principles of art. The core foundation to a beginning artist.
    Students learn so much from this type of observation and tracing that it helps with overall memory and drawing from the brain in years to come, rather than only working from images.
    Through tracing, students are emulating other art works/artists and thus learning to draw in the style of a particular image. Which helps them to begin to understand art styles and learn multiple ways to draw.
    Tracing is a stepping stone to being able to draw free hand and independently. It promotes line control and quality.

    And with the video recording component:
    Students can record their drawing and it would help us and the students analyze their drawing in order to see where changes need to be made such as pencil grip, movement and much more. A great way to show process and growth in fine motor skills and muscle strength. Not to mention just a great teaching tool to use as demonstrations and as a critique.

  2. I think this is a great Idea for learning the drawing process and getting a feeling for proportions ect …

  3. I disapprove of this…… Not gonna help them with natural drawing but will help with TRACING… Who dose that?!!

  4. Disappointment.  I thought it projected the image onto the page like a camera obscura.
    The device is just a reflector mirror over the camera lens using locator software for cursor movement.
    But at least is something, and such things could speed up story board sketches and repetitions.
    Its a step in the right direction but not quite there yet. Developing stuff is usually assigned to kids games.

  5. Yeah, pull that shit out in a professional office you probably get fired on the spot.

  6. Well, I'll admit, I'm impressed. Looks pretty fun for those of us who are artistically challenged. At least it's a start…

  7. Try to spell osmo rocks while closing your eyes

  8. Tracing helped me when i was learning! What do you do when your learning to write the Abcs? People sound so stupid when they say tracing is cheating. Like what ever! Ask any Art teacher they will tell you it helps you learn!

  9. My favourite bit is the end shot where he points out how his painting is so much better than hers.

  10. jajaja, que manera de ridiculizar la profesion del padre, jajaja, es una cinica la cria! :p

  11. A lot of negative comments here but maybe an oversight to the fact that this can really teach dimension and proportion. I am a computer instructor that has taught Photoshop for over 17 years, so if my opinion means anything, I think this could be a nice supplemental learning/creativity tool. Cheers!

  12. I started drawing since I was a kid through tracing. Children have different ways of learning. Some, like me, aren't gifted with sharp photographic memory like other kids, we forget easily. Tracing made me paid attention to little things in things such as human anatomy, objects, backgrounds, etc. I wish people know that tracing doesn't make you an artist, but you can start from there. Individual style would eventually be build, depends on how much art exposure one's gets.

  13. If someone has enough sill to recreate the works they are"tracing".. They are already artists just messing around…as for the rest of us who woefully suck at drawing and want to learn to imprive..this is great, you aren't cheating..you still control what your hand id doing, you're trying to get a recognizable image on paper…oh please Osmo, you should show the efforts from people who truly suck at using this tool..then ..maaaybe the jaw flappers will see the difference. This concept has been around and used long long before the internet or any electronic gadgets used by the masses was created. Refecting an image onto paper…its not cheating unless you claim the concept of the image as your own…wwhatever effort you put in is all yours.

  14. I try to buy it but there's no in Indonesia😢😞🙁😫

  15. Awesome video I have osmo I was sent a free one to test

  16. in using this, there are huge issues…. It is teaching kids to draw essentially backwards. It would make much more sense to project the image on the page. It also is very limiting in size and scale. In actually using the product, I am disappointed and would not let a child use it. There is enough to mastering hand/eye coordination of mark making on a page, let alone doing it with what seems a mirror image.

  17. Is there any way you can do this without the mirror mine got broken

  18. Hi osmo masterpiece is my favourite game of osmo but I can't get it because I don't have the money what should I do?

  19. If the mirror broke it it will be blurry

  20. Jajajajajaja draw dad with superhero body is very funny but more when grandmother sees it

  21. I don't have a problem with tracing pictures like the girl did in this video, but when kids (or anyone) traces someone else's art and claims it as theirs is when it crosses the line.

  22. Great game for hand eye coordination! The students love it.

  23. My students just discovered all they can do with Masterpiece! They loved drawing for Mo, but this is pretty fun, too! They think it's fun to watch the timelapse video when they're done. Very cool!

  24. My kids both love using the Osmo system and I love how Masterpiece gets kids interested in drawing and creating. There is definitely a creative component here, along with building fine motor skills.

  25. yo the girl is one of my best friends now lmao we go to high school together wth

  26. Pov: your just here for childhood memory on what you would watch

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