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Osmo Masterpiece Drawing Game for Kids | Play Osmo

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Introducing Masterpiece, an Osmo app that will allow you to supercharge your drawing skills! Pick any image from the camera, curated gallery, or integrated web search, and Masterpiece will transform it into easy-to-follow lines and help you draw it to perfection. Get Masterpiece here:

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You can then share a magical time-lapse video of your creation with your friends and family!


Update: Osmo Masterpiece is a game that is included in our Genius Starter Kit, Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night, Creative Starter Kit, and Explorer Starter Kit.

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  1. Don't buy its just a dry erase board, that conveniently teaches your kids about pay to play horrifically coded glitchy games and how to ask you to get another one after the ones that came with it don't work well and as your explaining that they need to try those again and you attempt to help them with it. The tablet dies because it's using the power draining camera on two different tables you program for it.

  2. As an artist, I don't know how I feel about this…

  3. This is amazing! I actually got chills watching it 🙂 

  4. Love the style of the video! This looks like a great way to foster the love of art. What an amazing way help someone capture an image in their mind and put it on paper. 

  5. Just a modern version of Vermeer's camera obscura

  6. I bought Osmo for my grand girl at christmas and her dad and she love it.  Cannot wait to get this new app.  

  7. OMG, this video actually made me cry. I love creativity and so does my daughter. Her grandmother has passed on, but she lived far away and would have LOVED to receive a piece of art and be shown how it was made. This is one of the best uses of technology. I am not perturbed by it at all. I think it will only make drawing more accessible to people just learning. I can't wait to try it. 

  8. How cool!  Can't wait to try this with my grandsons.  I LOVE Osmo!

  9. I am so excited about this…and NOT just for my grandchild 😉

  10. For those of us who aren't master artists and don't "have mixed feelings about this", I think it's a great way to get kids interested in drawing.  Maybe it will provoke a child to pursue art more indepth than they would have without Osmo Masterpiece.  I, for one, love it.  

  11. Very nice! We're very exited and we're looking forward to download it and try it with our Osmo 🙂

  12. Awesome, she is left handed, she must be artistic….. What a neat program for kids and grandma's.

  13. This is a great idea and use of the current platform. My daughter is still having to grow into the Osmo she got from her Uncle Brian on her 3rd birthday… but she still has Tangrams for now.

  14. 1:26 no she didn't, she photo bashed the shit out of it. People are just lazy.

  15. Love it, what a great idea.  My kids will have a great time being creative with this new app.

  16. My grandkids had fun with this. Thanks for continuing to expand Osmo.

  17. It sais in the description of this video that this app will 'allow you to supercharge your drawing skills', when it's actually taking away the challenges that you need to overcome in order to develope them.
    This is just another shortcut that allows people to get quick results, but actually hinders their learning process.

  18. И зачем оно нужно? Рисовать лучше не станешь.

  19. This should be my winner for my most favorite app! 1# app of my life! -Athziri P.s so what do you want to say?

  20. Drawing is all a matter of practice (and talent, of course).
    This thing doesn't help you to improve your skills, you're  merely tracing (not even copy, that is something may can help you to learn something about drawing technique) without even trying to create something whith some effort.
    When I was a kid I did really terrible drawings: but they were mine, my creations. Imho, this kind of things make people lazy (because you can get "great" results with a little effort), and "mental laziness" even in a child, well, it's just sad.
    I've read comments about "creativity", well: where's creativity?

  21. Beautifully crafted video and amazing product.  Bravo!

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