Painting a HUGE Canvas (Pt. 1) -

Painting a HUGE Canvas (Pt. 1)

Moriah Elizabeth
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Hey guys! Today I am going to tackle a BIG art project, that I’ve never done before. I’m going to be painting on a huge canvas (well, 3 huge canvases actually, but the rest will be done in next week’s video) and using it as custom decor in my new house! I am going to be attempting to do abstract art with this painting. Abstract artwork is my favorite style for home decor and I figured it would be the easiest to do on a large scale. As a beginner with abstract art, this was not as easy as I thought it would be, but I think it still came out really cool. I ended up using the palette knife technique and used a mixture of acrylic paint and joint compound (which is a way to get acrylic paint to look thicker). I definitely recommend trying it out if you want to make some DIY home decor.

Don’t forget to come back next week to see the rest off the canvases I paint!

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  1. Please do a video of you packing your art stuff for the new house!

  2. How when why what ? Why ur moving I love that house and kitchen when you cook
    🙁 😔

  3. The color scheme is not my taste but dang, that texture! GORGEOUS! I love all the bumps and ridges and even spots where it looks like there was an air bubble that burst. This is the very best kind of abstract art, I think – the average schmoe (like me) will look at it and go "Oh yeah, I could do that" but we all know that if I tried it would be a HOT MESS. It's interesting to look at, every time you look you see something different, and it looks different depending on the angle you're viewing it from. You will never get tired of this and it makes me wish I was talented, so I could hang something like this in my home and then casually say, "Yeah I painted that" when complimented on it! 🙂

  4. It's getting close to Halloween so before in your painting nesting dolls you would be the sky like with rainbows and clouds so can you mabey do it (like if you agree)

  5. can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars⭐️⭐️💫

  6. Let’s all appreciate that Moriah is moving houses and still filming for us and also am I the only one that absolutely loves that Moriah is making memes out of her own video

  7. thats a really nice painting ps i like ur sitting room

  8. "Hey is this the room where you store your squishy and other things?"
    Her: No it's my art room

  9. Are you bringing on your squishy’s with you to your new house?

  10. Who wants to see Moriah customize Uno cards? Georgie could be 1, Pickle 2, Cousin Derp 3, and other characters on every card!

  11. Hey can you do a house tour of your old then new house before you move soooo yeah

  12. Last time you moved houses, you made a packing video. You said it’d be boring, but most people enjoyed it! Can you do it again after all the canvases are done?

  13. Omg moraih that is beautiful 🥰 u are literally the artist that inspired me to keep on drawing and painting and doing weird stuff…😁😁😁 U are funny pretty and whatnot ..
    Love from gurugram

  14. when you move can you record you packing your art room?


  16. I dislike that blue with a passion. Lol but I love your painting 🤍

  17. Should I be scared when Moriah said this is how I clean my knifes for my next victim's???😅😂
    By the way love vids keep making more!!❤️

  18. You did great! I luv ur vids. I love that living room it's so cool!

  19. Could you please do an unpack and restocked art room video please

  20. You should do a paint pouring on one of the canvas

  21. It was soooooooo good

    Love u❤️❤️❤️

  22. Finally, moving into a new house again.

    I wonder how many boxes it's gonna take to put all of your stuff in it.

  23. She’s painting a canvas…??? A plain canvas. I thought she would never do that??? What🤨🤨🤨

  24. YOU ARE MOVING AGAIN also wow good job

  25. When she said she was moving I yelled you just finished getting settled!

  26. This YouTuber (I draw you) is drawing you’re characters and is hoping u will notice them so plz go check them out thanks.😊


  28. May I ask what you did with the yellow paint because you had yellow paint, but then you never used it. What did you do with it?

  29. youre moving again!? i know its been years but it feels like you just moved out of that other place a few months ago!

  30. House tourrrrr!!!… Also, love the booze station to the left. Very classy 👌👌

  31. Can u make a trans inspired project (bc im trans and I love your vids)thanks!

  32. It wouldn't look out of place hung up somewhere in Silent Hill

  33. josie---ᗩᑎꭵᗰᗴ ᗩᖇ丅ꭵᔕ丅OwO says:

    I’m gonna miss ur old art room but I’m super excited for u and I love the artwork it’s beautiful❤️❤️💖💖✨✨

  34. You should collaborate with another youtuber and edit each other's videos. P.S love your vids.

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