Penises = Peace?.... (Drawing Games #1) -

Penises = Peace?…. (Drawing Games #1)

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I get back into some good ole fashioned ‘Pictionary-Drawing-Game’ shenanigans! Enjoy! ;D


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  1. this is all i want to see on youtube right now!!!!

  2. Hey Max, is there anyway to make everyone else louder? just a suggestion. 🙂

  3. Why didn't this show up in my subscriptions

  4. Nanners was in a fucked up Friday is this real life?

  5. I like how the only way to win is to get the answer first before the timer drops and not from everyone getting the answer right.

  6. Howdy Max! I have a how to show for mixed drinks and I'd like to make a drink based off of you, your thoughts…

  7. Actually Halloween used to be a Holliday where people believed monsters witches demons and spirits would roam free on the earth and kill people to either take their place on earth or drag their souls down under, so people dressed up in disguises to blend in with them so demons would never know who was human and who was monster

  8. I feel like Max really let his hair down for this video…

  9. dont you just hate it when you get a boner so hard it hurts?

  10. "I got it!" no max, you didn't. Mini got it, you were way off.

  11. I feel like you didn't even watch your own video to see if your added background music is too loud.

    RIP video.

  12. You should watch speedys video of draw my thing because that it not a turtle turtles are brown

  13. why does he only upload less than half as much as he used to

  14. Max, can you turn up the voice volume of the other people/or lower yours so it aligns.
    Your voice is a lot louder than the other people 😀

  15. Everyone else's mic was too quiet or gassys was just way to loud, background music was too loud too

  16. seriously, piranha? I'm Indonesian and still can spell it. lol

  17. "I'm pretty sure Malcom farted and it stinks in here." GassyMexican, 2016

  18. how to balance audio quality with gassy Mexican! Featuring the Mexican voice as the loudest with the others as the low key players.

  19. Max hasnt uploaded in 6 days… hes dead, confirmed.

  20. 'Let's imagine you're in the rainforest' Welcome to D & D

  21. The audio is very uneven you're super loud compared to everyone else

  22. So basically when Bryan gets hungry, he also gets angry.
    So would that make him…


  23. It might just be me but I find your voice really soothing.

  24. is it just me or dose Gassy and mark+ seananners have diffrent audio in the videos when they play whit the friends sometimes u can hear them and sometimes they are overvoiced by the one that is doing the video whit his high voice audio

  25. terroriser predicted max hurting his shoulder !!!

  26. You drew jacksepticeye and his twin nice done😂

  27. I love you guys, but you're fucking useless at this game!

  28. If anyone is asking what game this is, it is: Pinturillo 2

    I know because I play it all the time with my friends.

  29. What is that thing that pops up every time I touch my screen

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