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Pictionary: Drawing Game – Contraband (Jazz VGM) ピクショナリー

Contraband Reloaded
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Recorded and filmed live on May 31, 2017 at Studio Litho in Seattle, Washington. For more information regarding upcoming video game recording sessions and bookings, please visit us at

Cliff Colon – sax (solo)
Jacques Willis – vibes
Andy Coe – guitar
Eric Verlinde – keyboards (solo)
Farko Dosumov – bass
D’vonne Lewis – drums

Composed by Tim Follin.

Produced by Cliff Colon.
Engineered by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho in Seattle, WA.
Mixed by Floyd Reitsma in Seattle, WA.
Mastered by Ed Brooks and Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA.
Filmed by Aaron Petersen at NorthTacoma.net
Video by Peter Adams at RealVelocityMusic.com

SPECIAL THANKS to Patrons: John Branch IV and The Vile Red Falcon

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  2. Damn i cant believe its been years since we had a last contraband upload :<

  3. Absolutely overjoyed that I came across this by chance, you guys own the pocket

  4. Do you guys have the tabs just for the bass?

  5. This is a seriously underrated video game song and I’m so glad I found a good remix of it!

  6. Great stuff, guys! Didn't even know there was a video game version of Pictionary. Groove is super tight, awesome drums!

  7. gahhhhh this is so good – y'all are too good. please don't stop being good!

  8. How does a game like Pictionary have a soundtrack this good? Or is it just your arrangement?

  9. Cliff, I'm so happy to see this! 😀 I wrote to you years ago when I first bought my physical copy of "ContraBand" (at CDBaby), asking if you planned to do more video game covers. You basically said 'I find Contra is such a perfect soundtrack, where do you go from there?', and so figured it was a one and done deal. So you can imagine how happy I am to see this new video game-related activity! 😉 Thank you.

  10. So great! The musical arrangement is stellar.

    More Tim Follin please!

  11. Sadly this isnt going to get many views, cause the game is not well known. But this was amazing. Great cover!

  12. You do realize you can't get away with doing Drawing Game and leaving Title Theme right?.. 😆 🙃

  13. Please keep making Jazz VGM. Some of the best on the youtubes.

  14. Is there sheet music to this!?! And if there is where can I get a copy?!?!?

  15. MORE TIM FOLLIN TRIBUTES!! you guys are doing Gods work. I mean can you imagine? this guy gets hired, he has a composition in his head probably like this, but he has to express it through a soundchip with 4 channels. Years later, someone recognizes what he was trying to do all those years ago and makes it REAL. this is what life is about

  16. Man, just stumbled upon your videos, and they're all great! If you're planning on recording anything in the future, I'd wholeheartedly recommend the intro theme to solstice on NES. Another Tim Follin gem that's just screaming for a good reinterpretation/cover. You got a sub from me no matter what you cover, just keep funkin' like you do. 😀

  17. FOLLIN! Get some Silver Surfer or Target Renegade up in here! NO WAIT SOLSTICE TITLE THEME!!!

  18. This is my favourite song of this game
    <3 thank you because a lot of good memories are coming to me now guys

  19. This song is amazing! I guess ill add video game composer to my list of things i want to be.

  20. Nice synth solo; has that classic Genesis "Follow You" Moog sound.

  21. you guys nailed the vibe (that synth and guitar plucking was dope_
    where was the rest of the song though?

  22. bummed the keyboardist skipped the best part.

  23. Google assistant brought me here🤦‍♀️. It has a great fibe dont get me wrong! But no what i need 😂

  24. Looks like an old Price is Right theme! Awesome ❤️

  25. 0:10 what's that "rolling" instrument that plays in the background? A bit like a xylophone?

  26. I don't think Tim Follin has ever played pictionary, but boy he created a great tune for it.
    And you guys definitely took this to another level of awesome.
    Hope to see you play live one day.

  27. This just shows how great of a composer Tim was.

    Please more of them Follins please. 🙂

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