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Pictionary Music (NES) – Drawing Game

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Track 2 / 6 (Complete Soundtrack)

Pictionary [NES-P5]
Nintendo Entertainment System

Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: LJN
Composer: Tim Follin
Year: 1990

1 – Title
2 – Drawing Game
3 – Mini-Game 1
4 – Mini-Game 2
5 – Move Piece
6 – Congrats

NSF playback sampled from hardware. Visit track 1 from this selection for a download link.


  1. This almost sounds like Keygen music

  2. I didn't even know the NES could make music this good!

  3. This game has absolutely no right to have so an amazing soundtrack, I mean it's Pictionary on the NES. Somehow that just makes this soundtrack even better.

  4. i feel like fearofdark used this song as his main inspiration for a lot of his early 2010 famitracker songs

  5. This song needs to be put in a donkey Kong game

  6. hella smooth. no way. Follin came up with such grooves!!

  7. At the very start it reminds me of Phoenix Wright investigation music, but well, for the NES. Pretty neat!

  8. Game producer: So we're making a Pictionary game that probably won't do well-Tim Follin: You son of a bitch I'm in.

  9. This is off-topic, but I remember when this channel had Master D’s head exploding from Bionic Commando as this channel’s profile pic. Good theme as well. Tim and Geoff always knew how to use the NES sound chip well.

  10. This song has one of the dopest solos I have ever heard. Killin it like always Follin ugh!

  11. So anyone wanna talk about how they called this a 'game of video' instead of a video game?

  12. So anyone wanna talk about how they called this a 'game of video' instead of a video game?

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