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Pictionary with Kristen Bell, Steve Harvey and Demi Lovato – Part 1

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Demi Lovato pair up to compete against Steve Harvey and Kristen Bell in a game of Pictionary. Part 1 of 2.

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Pictionary with Kristen Bell, Steve Harvey and Demi Lovato – Part 1


  1. Salut/hello…Elephant un the room , sexe 13 France , ktisten bell , christ win , Touch me…

  2. was something edited out? i didn't get the whole 'you looked at it!' part……..the crowd reacted way too crazy

  3. Kristen Bell is one intense lady. I’m locking my door.

  4. why is no one talking about "you are my bff ffffffffffffffff"

  5. All my favorites one place😫😍😍😍😍

  6. ස්තූතියි ඔබ සියලු දෙනාටම
    Thank all of you ❤

  7. Wait, that’s it ? I thought it will be longer.

  8. hammock vs damn elephant in the room ?? not fair

  9. Demi: "Good to see you"
    Steve: "I just saw you backstage"

  10. Is this idiot for real? "Oh I forgot I looked at it". This guy is a joke.

  11. When Kristen thought Steve was gonna kiss her on the cheek but he never did 😬😬

  12. Thanks for remembering the chemistry

  13. Steve's reactions are my reactions seeing the homework.

  14. Demi: Would you like to build a snowman?

    Kristen: Grrrrrr!

    Me: LOL!

  15. I met Steve Harvey a long time ago… Super racist dude! I wouldn't piss on him if someone lit him on fire!

  16. Jimmy's dance when demi found the answer was cute ❤

  17. howexcitedareuoytahtimgoingtoelttaesonyadnuslikeelcycirtexcitedcmonthendrawit

  18. Proof jimmy is a cheater. Guessing it after looking at it.

  19. Those who Watching Part1, I want to tell you Part2 is epic.😂😍

  20. Random dude: "SEVEN!!!"

    Idk why I died at that part! 😂😂😂🤣

  21. Kristen Bell's face when she said, you looked at it. 😂😂😂

  22. I don't understand why people draw the least important details first.

  23. harvy's the best man, his way of delivering sarcastic comments is just on another level

  24. Elephant man password give away promocode

  25. Hammock new york Mets the tonight show

  26. Nothing like giving someone a gift with your face on it lol

  27. Where did Steve Harvey get elephant tidus😂😂😂😂😂

  28. "I don't know about this" Kristin definitely thought Fallon was a mega cheat at that point

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