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Pixicade REVIEW! The app that turns your drawing into a GAME!!!!

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Two things I love most to do with my free time are :

So when I heard that there is an app that allows you to turn your drawings into video games- I WAS SUPER EXCITED! Presenting PIXICADE!!! This fun app is super easy to use and so much fun. I won two boxes to try from TRYAZON and my son and I drew and made several of our own games to play. The app itself is free to play other people’s games in the arcade setting but you have to purchase a box or QR code in order to play your own games.
I definitely think it is well worth the $19 purchase!
In this video I show you how I drew my first two art games and how they turned out. I highly recommend the app for anyone interested in art, STEAM and game design at a simple and fun level.


  1. oh this is actually good to buy this to my 11 year old also I'm gonna get the picicade pet for my 5 year old and you know what I'm at the car I'm gonna go to the stores where did you buy This?

  2. I'm going to get this for my 7 and 9 year old girls.Thank you for your video and advice!Don't listen to the haters in the comments. My kiddos liked your fun nature and up beat attitude 🙂

  3. Horrible edit is so bad we all know that

  4. Too annoying to make it through the vid. Can we please just talk normal and stop with the overly fake excited YouTube voice! SNS

  5. Can you make a connected outline with the marker but color it in with many different colored pencil colors?

  6. Just saw a commercial for this, and this would be a good present for my nieces.

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