RICK & MORTY = WIN! | Drawing Games #16 Funny Moments (Sketchfulio / Skribblio) - pusugames.com

RICK & MORTY = WIN! | Drawing Games #16 Funny Moments (Sketchfulio / Skribblio)

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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Oh man… we’re drawing again… you know how this goes haha
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  1. Sorry ohm, but as an Aussie I got to say, they are not little alligators they are big crocodiles, the most dangerous in the world, and mom is drawing of Australia is inaccurate, she's missing Queensland entirely

  2. I love these games like ohm just chilling with his friends <3
    it is fun! thanks ohm 😀

  3. tbh his Mr. Meeseeks drawing look kinda like Yondu

  4. Got so excited for this video, then saw the friends that were in here with him. No thank you.

  5. I remember when I was smaller I asked my dad for left for dead 2 and when he came home I was hyped just to find out he thought dead or alive extreme 2 was what I wanted.
    They are so so so different, I'm a guy and I'm surprised my dad thought I would want a beach party type game with babes instead of a zombie killing one.

  6. We need more DBD from this channel like at least 3 videos a week

  7. I love when you're having fun with friends while drawing random stuff 😀

  8. Awesome video and stream and ohwrecker and keep up the great work👍👍💗💗💗😇😇

  9. Gotta love the giggles that came with that backbone art masterpiece. 😂

  10. Man, I hate hearing Momo's voice. I literally stop watching any video, once I hear that fake-anime squeak of hers.

  11. Hey ohm there now dead by daylight on mobile now and area f2

  12. Hey ohm can u and friends play among us promise u will love it plz❤️🤗❤️

  13. I guess you're not gonna make anymore Dead By Daylight. Well its been fun lol

  14. I really love how you be getting those answers really quickly you are like lightning speed

  15. 14:35 Might need to update your ending tag with the correct game name!!

  16. You should start playing Friday the 13th again

  17. Ohmwrecker you and your buddy's are awesome, but I love MOMO 💜✌
    Once again always great vids

  18. Its delirious birthday Horray 33 yr old today ohm u going to wish him happy b day ??

  19. Ohm could you play red dead redemption please, I started playing the game weeks ago and I’m already on chapter 7 I love the game so much that I play it literally all day. No spoilers but please play it in the future. Or play assassins creed my favourite game ever

  20. Everyone like if you want ohm to bring back dont starve together👇🏾

  21. I liked Momo's final drawing it was nicely artsy.

  22. Ohm can you tell me what computer games are good.

  23. Lmao I couldn't stop laughing when ZeRoyalViking kept nonchalantly mentioning all these horrible things that happened to the stress guy, just the way he said it had me sold lol

  24. Ohm if you had actually drawn Rick they might have known lol

  25. Ohm: Who would've guessed Speedboat?!

    Also Ohm: Time for revenge with Backbone.

  26. Haha oh man I've missed all ur amazing drawings, & the adorable laughter that goes with em!☺😂😂 ur guesses were on point too, kicking booty this round!

  27. Lmao I forgot about ohm the Dev throater 🤭😂

  28. I hate it when you guys play with momo and u guys act like white knights

  29. I love this video. Can you please play more of it with your friends.

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