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Roblox Obby In Real Life

Shiloh & Bros
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Roblox Obbies in real life!! This game was highly requested and we’re so excited that we finally got to do it!! Thank you to PopJam for sponsoring this video!
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To visit the places we used in our video:

SkyHook Ninja Gym
The Movement Park
And Tree To Tree Adventure Park

Thank you to Gavin for doing the stunts in our video!

Elijah’s Instagram:
Micah’s Instagram:
Judah’s Instagram:
Kayla Horton’s Instagram:
Elizabeth Tran’s Instagram
SkyHook Ninja Fitness Instagram:
Kendall LeBlanc and Kori McNutt were the other two people in this video 🙂

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  1. 13:17 Shiloh after that one spin found out that she was taking that one step ahead to the wrong side, it was funny 🤭

  2. It doesn't matter what he cheats what matter is what we beat

  3. is the dinosaur costume supposed to be a reference to the dinosaur suit on roblox

    i also love the buying jokes XD
    every obby has an annoying pop up that are SOMETIMES USEFUL sometimes useless

  4. who else searched up shiloh dynasty and this came up

  5. Love this video I love every single video so much thank you for posting your videos love you guys 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  6. Wow you guys took it to another level like in every video!!! Your vids are the best!!!

  7. Judah Get out of My way losers Those Free roebucks are mine I laughed so hard when he said that

  8. I love playing obby s and they are just like this

  9. Omg let’s appreciate that they actually did the obby😀

  10. Can you guys do a: Roblox piggy in real life?
    Piggy has a great storyline! ( yee but dont ruin the kids childhood)

  11. Why do you guys do crimes instead of dead bodies in among us?

  12. I started watching your videos a week back and keep getting confused with your names so I'll just say I wanted the froggie hat guy to win cuz sailor always wins😂

  13. It so cool and it funny about the robux and the T. rex lol

  14. i’ll not be surprised if roblox themselves comment on this


    Idea: roblox tower defense simulator in real life

  16. Kendall: Do you know how hard it is for a short guy to be crowned ninja champion
    Elijah: I mean Shiloh is shorter than you so
    Me: 👀

  17. Jocelyn: I need money!
    Me: I need money can work there?
    LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Hi there it’s me again Liam why are you doing a row box at a kids place that is never mind but it actually is kind of cool I didn’t finish it yet so I’m going to start to beginning and then and then see what the end is

  19. Wait is this Roblox among usThere’s no such thing as a Roblox

  20. I hope you liked the video!! Let us know if we should make more Roblox vids!!

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