Sansa Stark Portrait Drawing, Game of Thrones ᴴᴰ -

Sansa Stark Portrait Drawing, Game of Thrones ᴴᴰ

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– 3H-8B, Woodless graphite 9B
– Kneaded Eraser, Mechanical Pen Eraser, Electric Eraser
– Blending Stump, Makeup removal discs
– Proportional divider
– A4 (21×29,7cm) (8,25″x11,7″)

– Game of Thrones Violin Cover – Jason Yang

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  1. This is so beautiful ! i love it, great job ! ^^ How do you do to make the skin look so uniform? when I blend the pencil on the paper, there is always some kind of texture..Is it the choice of the paper, or pencils … ? And, if you are interested to see, i just posted a video of a Sansa artwork, i would love to get your opinion!

  2. easy, on dirait que c'est trop facile –'
    c'est vraiment beau on dirait une photo

  3. AWEEESSOME, JUST AWEESOME!!! What paper you used??

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