Something Stuck In Nose 😵  | How Doctor Remove It |        #shorts -

Something Stuck In Nose 😵  | How Doctor Remove It |        #shorts

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Something Stuck In Nose 😵  | How Doctor Remove It |        #shorts

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  1. Jab main chhoti thi to mere nak main chana fas gya tha

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  6. Why are you smiling people just disgusting?✋

  7. Since alot people don't speak Hindi lll help

  8. How did she get that stuck in her nose

  9. bro theres a mf popcorn in her fckin nose

  10. O my god 😢😢😢😮😮😮😮

  11. My sister have same experience 😂😂

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  15. For those wondering. In her nose was corn. (Or popcorn. Idk.)

  16. Mere Bhai bhi khelte khelte Chhota Sa Khilauna fasa liya tha Gale Mein ab vah theek hai Khilauna Nikal Gaya

  17. Meri naak mein to bhutte ka Dana nahin chhibra tha😂😂😂😂😂

  18. What is dab dab eat poop doctor is in toilet war

  19. Meri di ki Beti bhi apne nak me kukar ka chhota sa nat dal li thi
    Patna PMCH me doctor ne bhut ache se nikal diya😢

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