SON = POOP : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments) -

SON = POOP : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments)

Mr. Fruit
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Watch as Mr. Fruit and friends attempt to draw the word they’re given in hopes that others will be able to guess what they drew based on the information given. It’s silly, we’re terrible artists, and it’s super fun.

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Outro Song:
‘Chiptune Does Dubstep’ by Teknoaxe

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SON = POOP : Guess This Drawing Game (Funny Moments)


  1. do a would you rather with the team mr fruit it really be hilarious

  2. I regret to announce that Mr Fruit's channel has become exactly like every other YouTuber's bullcrap, and unless Fruit can offer something different, and unique, I will take my leave.

  3. FMOI: im_legacyy for help with trials, raids, strikes, etc. Its new account and hope i can help as many people as possible

  4. What's the name of the app or page he's using?

  5. I thought the first one was the mask of the third man. Lol😂

  6. Who's uses POOP To Describe a Grandson XDDDDDDD

  7. You should do more of this series! super funny

  8. flamenco is from spain not mexico bros. HUE

  9. did the hermaphrodite symbol when he tried to do the male one 😂👌

  10. lmao "hexadecimal" "sextagon" "sandshrew"

  11. u should have drawn the grandpa and the Sun under him

  12. "we got ourselves a nice little vehicle here"

  13. The logic here is staggering. And worrying

  14. Fruit looks so different every passing year. The setup and everthing

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