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Squid Game Drawing (Players + Front Man and Guard) • Time Lapse

Davide Zezza Art
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⏱18 hours in real time to complete

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• 00:00 – 03:16
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00:00 Intro
00:38 Front Man
01:39 Il-nam (001)
02:45 Jun-ho
03:47 Ali (199)
04:37 Gi-Hun (456)
05:56 Sang-Woo (218)
06:59 Sae-byeok (067)
07:43 End

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  1. este man si le dedica al dibujo eres un super artista bro felicidades sigue asi dibujando eres muy realista con empeño deberias tener mas de 50millones de subs

  2. how many are gonna draw it forever but it perfect

  3. Can you draw Godzilla Vs Kong Movie and draw Jurassic World Camp Cretaceoues season 3 poster in next video ?

  4. It's really amazing 😍😍 love your work 💗… ✌️✌️

  5. wow…. potresti fare spiderman no way home

  6. Fake, this type of shading on paper can’t exist, sorry for the hate

  7. I am amazed by this person, you see me as Emirati

  8. Why don't you draw a Lamborghini and more cars?

  9. Mashallah, I think there is nothing more than this art

  10. Wow what a masterpiece no words to say about I just realy shocked I am first one in your channel and I just salute

  11. Hey David!
    You have improved a lot in the past days!
    Your works have absolutely become pieces of gold!
    This one was so good!
    Keep drawing, my support is with you! 💕

  12. Your so talented iam an artist to thats my dream god bless♥️⭐🕊️

  13. Literally how did u draw that absolutely amazing 🥺

  14. Its epic! 🔥🔥Your drawings have improved a lot from the past years!

  15. The faces are sooo smal mustve been really chalenging

  16. อารีรัตน์ ศุภกุล says:

    ใช่สีสวยมาก สิ้นท่า

  17. انذارين وصلت في المرحل رقم 32 says:


  18. Totally epic portrait of the Squid Game characters😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥! You do such an incredible job man💫👍!

  19. Bless you to good of an art I’m destroyed and I do have some art for you famous youtuber!

  20. Sae-Byeok is my fav and old man
    Bless you
    Thanks for that masterpiece
    Your the best art boy ever

  21. Magnifique je peux te féliciter c'est très beau tu l'as super bien fait 456 / je peux dire que c'est le meilleur qui est bien faire mais vraiment tout et je peux plus t'appeler au dire j'ai tout bien bah voilà

  22. Vallahi çok güzel oldu çok beğendim gerçekten çok güzel olmuş hiç bir yere taşırmadan yaptığı için tebrikler gerçekten çok beğendim


  24. วาสนา กาเพ็ชร says:


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