Super Shaky Sidemen + SP33DY IS AMAZING! - THE DRAWING GAME -


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  1. I’m a vegetarian and that’s 100% how I eat. Just shove the whole ear of corn into my larger than Keith Hapersbergers mouth.

  2. 16:53 I thought that was a guy in a bed next to an onion

  3. A beautiful thing to come back to so I can laugh
    Since my girlfriend of 5 months and 5 days broke up with me today.
    But amazing video, I laughed
    Keep up the amazing work

  4. Atleast the poop on the thumbnail looks perfect

  5. I like how the vegetarian was eating corn the long way.

  6. if vikstar's drawing was earthworm jim i would be horrified

  7. I thought this was a brand new GradeAUnderA video and I got really excited

  8. When I saw the thumbnail, for I second I thought GradeAUnderA started uploading again, my hope went up. Then I saw it wasn't him, my hopes went down… But then I saw that it was Jiggly, and my hopes went up again🤗

  9. Does anybody else play with them in their heads other than me

  10. You look so sad at the start anthony

  11. It’s so weird Sp33dy was my crew before Vanoss & Friends…..I miss them but idk his content got boring. They should play with D4 & D20 tho!

  12. “Look beyond sunglasses” sounds like dating advice book

  13. 8:55 he looks like the guy in Chicken Run

  14. I always get fucking annoyed evertime craig says 'i have no idea'

  15. 1 hop this time
    Smashes desk in half
    2 hops this time
    Breaks each half into quarters

  16. Is it a cow, or a cat that's been on meth since it was a kitten?

  17. Bro this fucking squad. All youtubers I watch.

  18. i DOn'T lIkE TheSe nEw guYs can anybody think of a god damn original comment

  19. 4:22 At that point, I thought it looked like a deformed arm holding a creepy ass scoop of ice cream on a cone…

  20. The thumbnail cow face looks like Nyandam from Battlecats xD

  21. What a privilege these YouTubers to have to be able to play with gaming legend KYR SPEEDY

  22. Don't listen to the spoiled viewers in the comments, Anthony. Even if you didn't think this was your best video or your favorite gaming session with your friends, you still did a great job! I can assure you that I'm definitely entertained, and I'm sure plenty of others are as well. Don't take what the shitty fans say to heart, you can play with whoever you want, your videos don't have to be hectic and loud and full of laughs just for them, they're allowed to be more lax and different! Keep up the good work, my friend!
    I, for one, like this group. I think they're amusing, plus I've always enjoyed Mini's content for years as well. Just sayin'. 🙂

  23. 9:10 bro I thought that was Dave
    Reply if you know what I'm talking about

  24. The cow with the cowbell looks like it has a batman face

  25. 7:48 This drawing literally reads like Youtube creepers like small people XD

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