The best Gartic Phone drawings you'll ever see -

The best Gartic Phone drawings you’ll ever see

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I think these are some of the best Gartic Phone drawings I’ve done so far
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  1. clicked on the video and said 'bet, prove it'

  2. They intentionally get shit wrong and it's irritating

  3. Do you think that's how jaws got the idea for a mutated shark? Lol

  4. 13:22
    I woulda but grotesquely detailed milk bag (like SpongeBob zoom in frames)

  5. smii7y so annoying.
    bro has unbelievably irritating voice and jokes
    he thinks he is the main character, ruins the prompt, doesn't have any irl friends, and very low testosterone

  6. Gartic always will be a good game to play with friends

  7. I have watched almost every skribbl and gartic video of john’s 3 timed and I still laugh my ass off every time

  8. Started off watching smii7y, drifted more into blarg, occasionally Kryoz.. watching Kryoz a lot more now

  9. i read that as 'shark on driods baby" and was very confused

  10. The Silence of the Lambs reference was great. I thought it was a Doctor Who reference at first. (Lady Cassandra from "The End of the World" episode if you're wondering.)

  11. That intro has "Animation VS Animator" vibes

  12. “Kermit got that DUMPY!”
    I IMPLODED AT THAT!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣💥💥💥💥

  13. I'm surprised John and RubberRoss haven't paired up😮

  14. 3:20 "i'm gonna make this oversimplified" – smitty "he might sue" – john, might be the best joke ever made

  15. I love seeing this entire group. It feels like an amazing crossover. And this game is perfect for all of them.

  16. The frog doesn't hop the frog drops

  17. I’m a first time viewer but how he draw fast

  18. Whenever I hear SMii7Y in your videos, he always sounds surprisingly manly…

  19. I was gonna lthumbs up this video until you said you like pineapple on pizza…

  20. His art is getting better! Keep it up John

  21. ngl, you're actually pretty good at drawing

  22. Whoa I didn't know you guys had been doing Gartic Phone for two years

  23. 13:11 the shading did not have to be so good on that prompt

  24. well john, I liked your overlysimplified copyright joke, even if literally nobody else reacted to it when you said it… XD

  25. How does John draw better than me in 50 seconds than I can do in 6hrs 💀🤣

  26. You wanna know the fun part?
    In all restaurants in italy there’s this pizza that has little fish toppings and many Italians love it😂

  27. Holy hell are these drawings good, them frog cheeks were 🤌

  28. "the best gartic phone drawings you'll ever see" yeah sure, tell that to RubberRoss

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