The Boys & their GFs bad drawings. -

The Boys & their GFs bad drawings.

special edd
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Animations are the funniest thing in Gartic phone.



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  1. Eddie, I have a suggestion for you you. You should try Duo Lingo since you speak both English and Spanish. you can pick whatever language you want!

  2. Like Speedy Gonzales, when shifting gears ain't enough; activate turd boost. "Mor powa, for Tacos, for family."

  3. I’d actually love to see Eddie play Ace Attorney after Franbow. something a bit more chill lol

  4. Alternate title: a double date…
    with friends*

  5. Can the boys play drunk-fu: wasted masters it looks hilarious 😂


  7. Wait till this guy plays outlast 😆🤏
    Btw get this to the top so Eddie can play outlast

  8. when are you going to do the second part of Fran Bow?

  9. Eddie can you please play tattaltel please idk how to spell it but please🥺🥺

  10. Bitch… ware da fec if Fran bow. WE NEED FRAN BOW

  11. Jose፡፡፡፡፡፡፡፡፡፡ioፗ Rodriguez says:

    Can you play specimen zero

  12. I'm a fetus and watching this

  13. More of the boys there is no way Eddie you're the best

  14. I just got a anti immagration from mexico ad while watching eddies videos lmfao 😂😂

  15. Pov: your waiting for the next episode of fran bow.

  16. I love that every second is a picture of a picture shitting

  17. hey eddie i just wanna say thank you for always putting a smile on my face when im not feeling well or have had a bad day. I have had very bad stomach pains and have been stuck in my bad to the point were i can hardly move and all i have to do is pull up one of your vids and i forget about all of the pain and you put a smile on my face everytime. so thank you for always putting a smile on my face and helping me through all of the tough times, keep on making people happy and live your best life.

  18. So Juicy is dating this Liz girl? (Idk who she is)

  19. Every drawing of charmander he get more devolved lol

  20. Hey Eddie can you and THE BOYS play Cards Against Humanity. The aim of the game each round you must make the card czar laugh by being as offensive/funny as possible

  21. Imagine if they trace that phone in the picture when they start lol

  22. can u please do more minecraft with juicy on hardcore u guys are so funny]

  23. I have a feeling that running for a taco is the same as running over the boarder, Mate XD Thank you for another classic vid and take care of yourself please, Mate

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