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Welcome to a new #ScaryTuesday, tiktakers! Today we present to you a new and spine-chilling challenge: The closet game. Have you ever felt that an evil being is observing you from your wardrobe, lurking in the darkness? Today we’ll teach you how to actually contact it…

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  1. If the bed game is real can u make a video about the bed game if it is real

  2. Me gets ready to do this
    Gets notification
    Me let's do it later
    My nike shirt do it

    Well I won't do it in this generation or never

  3. You arent scared of being alone in the dark, you are scared of NOT being alone in the dark.

  4. What if your match box is old and don't lit the match stick

  5. "if its not in your closet it's under your bed."
    Beds??? Pff! Who needs beds when you got a mattress on the floor!

  6. Me : try to summon Boogeyman from my closet.

    John wick comes out .

  7. Me lookin at the closet: dont even thibk about it.

  8. I looked in the closet once when I heard sounds from it but I never heard nothing but the for opens I was scared but brave so I ckeck then it……………

  9. Me:having a different kind of closet am safe

    My sis:well not me

    Me:doing it in there closet*UR PROBLEM NOW SUCKA

  10. Do a story about Teen Titans go horror version!😁🙏

  11. The elevator game: ill just use the stairs.

    The stairs game: ill just stay in my room..

    The window challenge: ill just sleep in my closet!

    The closest game: OH COME ON!!!!!

  12. My closet doesn't even have a door? So like- how do I do this? Am I safe? Am I dead?

  13. Tik tak: keep our closets closed tight

  14. Yeah Dont You Supposed To Play the closet game standing

  15. Good thing my young brother watched the jumpscare 😀

  16. why is the beast titan in the thumb nail

  17. We all know what the monster truely wants, it wants a bbg.

  18. Why do I feel like it’s a closet creep he’s talk to you sleeping

  19. Great now i cant sleep in my bedroom anymore……..

  20. The ending was the most scariest thing in the vid for me

  21. Me who have a lighter in my room: I’M SAFEEEEEEEE

  22. what i do during 3 am : me listening to chug jug
    demon apears : oooh! i like this
    me : dancing and being blind

  23. sam golbach did this ritual

    and the result

    they were in the corridor that goes to the living room and they looked they looked at the closet
    the door slams suddently, no one was even close to it

    not fun

  24. • T͎ O͎ R͎ I͎ • C͎ H͎ A͎ N͎ • says:

    Me who tried it: Didn’t work

    Twin bro in my closet: heheheh

    Me: I know your in there get out there’s a spider

    Twin bro: Ahhhhhhh!

  25. Me with a drawer closet that has a transparent door and me with a bed that you can’t go under it: I am invincible

  26. Thank god I don’t have a closet in my room

  27. I ain't playing this game, my closet is to cluttered (the fire hazard)
    And I got brown recluse in my closet sooooo….

  28. You light the match and the jacket catches fire you would be like aaaaaa deamon one min or else my dady wil kill me and you

  29. Also make sure to bring your phone and a book so your entertained during your fall

  30. I’m not worried not worried at all cause I deal with the weird things and beings in my house but I ain’t trying this not yet TvT

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