The Drawing Game (Back to School Themed) -

The Drawing Game (Back to School Themed)

The Skorys
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In our hilarious last episode of The Drawing Game, the theme is Back to School!

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  1. Did you guys get an ad before this video? Comment what yours was about. Mine was a cover for Alessia Cara's song Here

  2. they skipped a round it went to round 1 to round 3

  3. Cole said I'm home but i know for sure he was going to say I don't know I'm homeschooled

  4. im a 7 year old girl but I know some of u are sefish and mean but some people might hurt other people's feelings who agrees with me,,,,,,,,,…………

  5. For the bird teacher you should of drawn a tail and wings lol

  6. I have that book! Dragonology the full book of dragons, right

  7. people who are homeschooled are soooooo freakin lucky because they don't have homework so cole is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭he is homeschooled

  8. 100k subs with no videos video channel says:

    What dose (getting a swirly mean? )

  9. on my first day of 2nd grade these bullies gave me a swirly 🙁
    Now i always get bullied

  10. For Cole's it wasn't really fair for Eden, cuz she asked "What's a swirly?" so she doesn't know what a swirly is. So yeah, it's not really fair

  11. Eden looks diffrent without a fringe or a cap

  12. Did anyone notice that on round 2 it said : round 3 of 4?

  13. YOU GUYS LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOW! I'm watching this in 2018.

  14. I like how cole says its Shakespeare then says "he's going like Four Score and Seven Years Ago." I'm like "did you you never go to history class. Thats the Gettysburg Address. And ABE LINCOLN"

  15. “A bird teacher hitting a student with a ruler”

  16. Omg the add before this was a wierd Japanese music video

  17. How many minutes they have to DRAW ? 🤔

  18. I came back to binge watch all their older videos

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