The Drawing Game (Food Themed) -

The Drawing Game (Food Themed)

The Skorys
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The Drawing Game continues this week with an all new Cooking Themed episode!

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  1. You guys are kind of mean to gab

  2. Lol when cole talked in a miranda voice it was so funny

  3. why is it all focused on what Gabbreiella is doing?

  4. Skorys i really love you and your channel so much all of you

  5. does Cole see Gabriella's drawing

  6. sorry the first comment I didn't wrong

  7. can you make an honest mistake Baby girl named Gabrielle

  8. They make life seem so perfect! They get along so well!

  9. Yes they are and I love them and they rock and I love thume

  10. You should play Real food versus gummy food

  11. Tylor was saying the drawing game the whole time [ get it cause the sign ] 😀

  12. My favourite skory is Eden

  13. is that the DRAGONOLOGY book in the middle of you guys i have the pirateology book

  14. I don't know if you look back in your old videos comments but if you do, please bring this back! I love your videos as well! Keep up the good work <3

  15. This is the first video I watched of The Skorys

  16. Can yall people roast me plzzz idk why but ya

  17. why does it only show Gabrielle guesses and not the other ones

  18. I made you guys have 1k likes because I saw it have 999 likes so then I liked it your welcome

  19. I want to see what’s happening with eden

  20. I love you vid but you should of at least show other ppl not just Gabriella

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