The Game That BROKE Me and FourZero! - THE DRAWING GAME -

The Game That BROKE Me and FourZero! – THE DRAWING GAME

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  1. 1:38 the full saying is "great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ"

  2. I guess you could say the sun was puts sunglasses on Baked

  3. Bjp u make my day when u laugh so hard when I’m sad or board thx for your videos u do so good

  4. "what are those birds that eat fish" ~Brian 2019

  5. Oh my god I could listen to his laugh all day 😂

  6. The thumbnail honestly looked like a reaction video

  7. I love how he smiles the entire time, for some reason it makes me so happy

  8. I went back and watched the shave my balls video so I can understand the reference lmao

  9. I’m a dude and I’m about to say this man has the cutest laugh is that gay

  10. You’re my favorite youtuber in the Vanoss crew Jiggly

  11. 12:28 that sentence added with pandas and scottys laugh made me cry from laughing so hard my cheeks hurtttt

  12. Evan: "you have warts there?"
    Lemmy Kilmister: "am I a joke to you?"

  13. 1 year later and Panda is still looking the same
    2-5-19 to 2-5-2020

  14. That guy that was drawn kinda looks like the kid form the game never ending nightmares

  15. the only two things that make me laugh are:
    Derpy Homers
    and Panda's Laugh

  16. I can always tell a picture is drawn by Terroriser
    1. It doesn't look like its drawn by an infant who just learned what hands are
    2. It has a particular character to it I can't describe

  17. I'm literally crying laughing from this whole vid, Anthony's wheeze is too hilarious 😂

  18. 17:05
    Anthony: hes playing the olive garden breadstick
    Me: … come on down to the olive garden…

  19. the drawing at 6:116:47 is saying

    "Please….Kill meeeeeee…." Gurgling mouthwash as it speaks

  20. Scotty’s laugh reminds me of those little balloon kits that my mom used to buy me with a little pumper that squeaks every time it got used.

  21. 1:37 the entire saying is “Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ.” So yeah, it also applies to not-so-great minds.

  22. Donald trump is the greatest president of all time

  23. 6:03 made me laugh so hard I farted😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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