The Mario Drawing Song from Game & Watch Super Mario Bros -

The Mario Drawing Song from Game & Watch Super Mario Bros

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Check out “The Mario Drawing Song” from Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

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  1. Mario: gets a drawing song

    Kirby: Finally, A Worthy Opponent! Our Battle Will Be Legendary!

  2. I randomly saw this on YouTube and thought: Why not draw it on Microsoft Paint…

    I did

  3. those bastards at the nintendo music dept, are genuises

  4. Even though I'll always be by sonic's side I will admit this song is catchy

  5. Just saying this song just makes me smile 😊

  6. Did anyone else notice that it’s the same melody as Super Mario 3D Land – Special world??

  7. When i first heared this i felt that i had heared this melody before and it was killing me for a few mins and then i realized it was the special 8 world in super mario 3d land

  8. WAIT GUYS!!! It’s a slightly slower version of Special World 8 from Super Mario 3D Land!!!!!

  9. Amazing song once I get mine I'm gonna try to find some secrets lol

  10. Is this the theme of the world Special 8 of Super Mario 3D Land?

  11. Great now I'm going to have this melody stuck in my head for the next few days! Thanks Danny! lol (just kidding) I didn't even know there was a Mario Drawing Song! So cute 🙂

  12. That’s a nice Mario Drawing song; it’s very charming. 😊

  13. does anyone remember when this was on Flipnote Studio? i think it was up when it was the 25th anniversary… almost 10 years ago… wow

  14. I’m going to get the Super Mario Bros Game & Watch!

  15. I remember this from so long ago! It was on Flipnote Hatena. Man, that had to be 10 years ago. I'm so old now 😭

  16. I did this by accident somehow. Thanks for showing me what that was. Yes very infectious song.

  17. They really took a flipnote and put it on here huh

  18. Anyone else notice this song is from world 7 in super Mario 3d land?

  19. Wow a ten years old DSI flipnote in a game and watch, I was 10 years old at the time when it was smb’s 25th anniversary

  20. I don’t recognize this at all even though I had flip note studio but a lot of people seem to know what this is

  21. Is this a secret on it or did you modify it? im really intrested!

  22. Amazing to see this. I thought it was a joke when they put the mario draw song on here. I really like listening to it in the other languages as well. Still catchy till this day, I sing it from time to time.

  23. I mainly searched up this video because I remember just mistakenly holding A then finding out that you can watch this video on it

  24. This is the closest thing we’re gonna get from new flipnote content

  25. This reminds me of the first we draw a circle from Kirbys Adventure

  26. The only reason I got the game and watch was so I could see this on the original hardware

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