The perfect boat challenge 🚤🤣 -

The perfect boat challenge 🚤🤣

Woody & Kleiny
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  1. My pationt could never completed the video

    Edit :yes i liked my own comment

  2. Yous r dumb , I got it in like 5 seconds

  3. Start the head of diagram square body right then you well get all side fill red colour

  4. Hola, buenas, soy Euler y vengo a deciros que esto ya lo expliqué yo en el siglo XVIII.

  5. Yea there are multiple solutions for that

  6. This puzzle is soo easy. I was getting frustrated watching this but I don't want to say anything mean! You have an amazing video!!🎉😊

  7. Damn, and I thought my 5 yr old cousin was dumb

  8. lol it’s sooo simple bro 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. No one Started it from upwards how fools are they😅

  10. Можно было по другому тоже сделать

  11. Il faut commencer par le coté du triangle de droite

  12. It means flag is him
    Flag is not him

    Him being in salty water means ,for him चीन एंड जापान were mad

  13. I think they have like -9999999999999IQ LOL

  14. Always start at nodes with odd number of path.

  15. Start from Right corner of triangle and semi circle and complete it by going left side then you reach where you started then complete triangle then complete P

  16. Why am I watching this dumb ass who couldn't solve a simple puzzle😂😂😂

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