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Did you guys missed our terrifying challenges? This time we come back with one that requires some patience, and challenges our greatest abilities. But those who have tried it say it is worth it, because they have never been so afraid in their lives. It’s the window game…

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  1. I tried this almost 50 times and nothing happened, i followed all the steps correctly

  2. "You need a window with curtains" me: rips off curtains

  3. Hold up what if ur in a place where they can't see u??

  4. My friend did this with her camera attached to her shirt she moved because she got scared and then something just grabbed her with its hands and the hands had long nails and she started to scream then blood came all over the camera and it ended the next day the police found her in the forest with her skeleton

  5. After watching this video someone just knocked on my window for real. Found out that it was just my brother messing around with me 😌😖

  6. Sorry I'm late but could u do it with a night light?

  7. I think I accidentally did the window game but it was literally not the last day of September and I was with my little sister but I heard taps of the window at 12pm and the taps got louder at 5am so I asked my little sister if she could hear something and she didn't 👁👄👁

  8. My window is really close to me so I’m never gonna try this

  9. Reply on this comment if you tried this many times and it didn’t work 😝

  10. The demons from the other games: welcome, new prince.

  11. I have tried it and the knock did not happen the only thing what I only heard about is going to try to not move it's not move I heard it's OK to move I will not hurt you Yes wanna ask questions I said OK Then nothing happened And then the entity I can come into the door into your room your family can't see me if you're not Awake But you also have to be quiet so you do not wake them up And I saw it it was pledge black no mouth no face no eyes It's like a shadow He was a best friend

  12. Me: Watches
    Also Me: Sees Closet game
    Also me: Realizes That I'm next to Both like Window And Closet

  13. I decided to make a text to speech with all the creepy games

  14. My window actually broke because of this i luckioly survived

  15. Someone khocking
    I go check
    Me: open the windows
    Demon: it's time to die
    Me: wait did you bring loaf Clausen bread
    Demon: no
    Me: close the window
    Demon falling
    Me: why did drop down go to the grocery store to get some
    Demon: died
    Jim Henson commercial parody

  16. @tic tac draw my life I have sliding glass windows will it still count?


  18. Finally found the story that i see on tiktok and the bacon who is finishing tower of misery

  19. When I am 24 years old I will do these games because I’m only 8

  20. Imagine doing this on the mounts of halloween 😂😵‍💫😓😥😰😮‍💨😮😮‍💨😮😧😮😲😧😮😲😮‍💨

  21. My brother thinking that a balcony will work instead of a window-

  22. YO the time im watching this i have to do it on halloween

  23. It’s almost Halloween boys time to give ourself nightmares

  24. if I do it will it come back the another night

  25. me watching: ooooh~ INTERESTING
    forgot that theres a jumpscare: welp good bye world

  26. imagine playing this game at night and farting

  27. I did it i saw a figer in front my gater with horns?

  28. Never play ▶️ this creepy pasta 😐 😬 🎮 game or else…

  29. the elevator game
    me:might as well take the stairs
    the stair game
    me:uhhh ok ill just stay in my room…
    the window game
    me:closet then I guess….
    the closet game

  30. Me trying window game*

    Later it works*

    A knock at my window*

    Me mind:oh no bad timing haha HACHOOO!

    Me:nope ima kill myself now
    My sister:ey what are you doing with that knife

    Me:kill myself ,cuz i failed window game

    My sis:…. you thought a monster is there ,its just dad


  31. You: * plays this game *
    You needing to pee: AND I OOP-

  32. Bro I couldn't sleep yesterday and i couldn't even sleep. Every minute i had to look around over and over and anytime when i heard wind i thought i was the spirt, I was so scared that i had to sleep in my parents room but good thing it's over 👍🏾.

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