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  1. 17:17 why is no one tlaking about how vikk put callux🤣🤣im dead mann

  2. 15:52 Josh said "Youve had a whole transformation and you can't do this"
    so it was josh who was speaking…

  3. Ethan gets soo defensive about Harry’s Sister 😂😂

  4. 18:32 yeah THATS what’s wrong with the picture, the fact that they have no hands😂

  5. Harry shouldn't be apart of the sidemen he is a bitch

  6. Yeah, it's the punctuation. The apostrophe is already put there for "Ethan's Extra Fat" so you don't write that in your answer. Just "Ethans Extra Fat" should be your answer.

  7. if i got 1 pound for every time than said lads i would be rich lmao

  8. I would be rich if i got £1 every time Ethan said lads.

  9. I like how they said they broke the game but none of them capitalized the s In skin

  10. Jj put an extra space(s) at the end. That's why it didnt work

  11. Ethan in February: I'm the only one who doesn't follow her and I don't like her pictures

    Ethan in September: follows her and is the only sdmn to have liked her last 6 pictures

  12. Anybody else notice the same thumbnail as the wheel of fortune?

  13. Sorry for promoting my account 😕but I’m looking to grow my channel I’m on my other channel that’s why. Please show some support to this channel 😀link

  14. Tobi's screen is so enlarged he can't even see the full word.

  15. Josh does one of the best drawings thats ever been between them.

    SDMN name the title= The worst drawings ever

  16. They've done harry so dirty with the photo 🤣🤣

  17. Are we all gonna ignore the fact that at 22:05 JJ wrote "Kim Jun Ung"

  18. What u think ur young go to one of I favorite childhood youtubers and see how old u are

  19. When all the Sidemen is here

    Happy noises intensifies

  20. Harry's facecam looks like that meme where the hamster's staring at the camera lol

  21. Only OG fans know that thumbnail is from "WHEEL OF FORTUNE"

  22. How fitting for the first 3 words “Rosie Lewis TikTok Cumbucket”

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