This drawing game BROKE OUR PRO GAMERS -

This drawing game BROKE OUR PRO GAMERS

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If there’s one thing us Pandas are known for, it’s our ravishing artistic abilities. In Gartic Phone, our objective is to illustrate a piece of scenery that another player has written. Let’s see how WaDi, Punk, and FullStream craft a beautiful story through nothing but pencil strokes.

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  1. Yo Panda, if you guys play Gartic Phone again I recommend trying the "Knock-Off" game mode.
    You have to draw each other's creations but have less time each drawing so its all about speed!

  2. Nice cast for this video – love seeing Fullstream!

  3. Why does WaDi always sound like he's battling a cold? Lol

  4. Who else gets hella confused when they wait for you to sub when you already are, then you realize there are… those people in the world

  5. Panda players: plays a game with no ending or winning
    Panda’s video title: we forced to beat the game

  6. good stuff panda this is actually one of the funniest vids youve posted. keep it up!

  7. Wadi has the perfect face for thumbnails cx

  8. Please do this will Marss esam and smallant! The chaotic energy will be immeasurable!

  9. Wtf HyperX QuadCast Mic, i’m literally subscribed to Panda, turn green already

  10. I really appreciate the Rhythm thief music at the beginning. Honestly, all the music choices are godlike. Thanks editor

  11. Please make Punk, WaDi and whoever else you want play Push the Button or some other jack box games!

  12. The Pig on a Cheese and Yoshi strings of drawing/prompt ones were so good

  13. Top 10 panda videos i swear. This was so much fun to watch

  14. Genius this stuff is so entertaining. It reminds me of alpharad playing with his friends

  15. This video was a blast lol. Laughter was hella contagious. Would love to see more of these.

  16. I think some of these drawings might be good enough to hang up on the fridge

  17. Anybody notice that jaaahsh's and punk's pov were swiched up

  18. I literally cried during this. This was so hilarious we need more.

  19. Yo Did you see how detailed the fullstream's cheese was?
    My man put layers on that cheese!

  20. Punk: Elite SFV player, World renown FGC member
    Also Punk: Doesn't know what Yoshi, a video game character that's been around for 30 years, looks like

  21. Anna literally stopped by for the first like minute then disappeared and never came back lmao. Lowkey was looking forward to seeing her

  22. aw hell nah dae just maid my mans spunch bop do his taxes

  23. the song at the end of this video was niceeeeee

  24. Let us have a moment of silence for Anna not being able to expirence this new level hilariousness

  25. It was a kind of good Yoshi head…but the "slam dunk" part is gone

  26. Punk's Spongebob was just a Spongebob popsicle lol

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