This Drawing Game Is TERRIFYING - Rec Room -

This Drawing Game Is TERRIFYING – Rec Room

Soul Fox Gaming
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  1. This looked like so much fun!!! I need to play this with some friends

  2. Damn soul this is a good map I and btw I decided to hangout after stream for my 30$ paetron

  3. Hey soul, love the content you’ve been making lately! Keep it up!

  4. This would be really fun to play with your friends

  5. Honestly. Anything here is better than what I can do 😂

  6. I stopped listening to my fav songs for this so I hope it's good lmao

  7. Thanks for checking out our map! It’s really nice to see people having a good time in the room! (Fyi I’m the room owner lol) Thanks again!

  8. hey soul i think its awsome that you post on sat

  9. Hey soul! Good to see you’re still making the videos you love man. I used to love watching your content man.

  10. I hope im not late! Bro ur content is awesome keep up the work

  11. I suggest you check out DoctorWho_TalesOfTheDoctor it has 3 fun games for folk lore rooms (+ yoshiro can experience his favorite doctor who cuddle angles again)

  12. I love your content keep up the great work

  13. @Soul Fox Gaming I left a comment on your Rec royal screen mode video

  14. Im so glad you guys had fun in this map!!! I did all the circuits for this map 🙂

  15. 7:09..As someone from the state of New Jersey…. He ain’t wrong.. it’s scary here

  16. Hey soul, can you just help me on the quests I visit?

  17. Try job simulator its from the same makers as vk sim

  18. 5:45 imagine seeing that at your door in the middle of the night

  19. Soul fox has created my night mares I'll never recover.🤦🏾‍♂️🐐

  20. That scary monster shrek has haunted my dreams,I haven’t slept in days, and all I can hear is “What are ye doin in meh swamp?” in a low whisper late at night.

  21. I’m thinking about doing recroom videos but I can only do screen mode. Any tips?

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